Cross Said It All
by Kim Hopper

Verse 1:
How I love to tell the story of God’s redemption plan
How Jesus died to take our sin away
But my finest words cannot express
What one old rugged tree said best
For nailed to it was all God had to say

The Cross said it all, the Cross said it all
Without one word God’s heart was heard
For the cross said it all
To prove his love like nothing else could
God used three nails and two pieces of wood
And the Cross said it all

Verse 2:
He could write it in the heavens
He could spell it in the starts
He could paint across the sky for all to see
But with his on blood Jesus Christ
Wrote I love you with his life
And forgiveness still resounds from Calvary

Chorus x1

It’s more than a symbol of suffering
Or a picture of pain and agony
For there at the cross every soul that was lost
Found a bridge from Earth to Eternity

Chorus x1

And the Cross, And the Cross, And the Cross, And the cross..
Lyrics submitted by Chris Beverly.