Hey you caught me in a coma
An' I don't think I wanna
Ever come back to this
World again

Kinda like it in a coma
'Cause no one's ever gonna
Oh, make me come back to this
World again

Now I feel as if I'm floating away
I can't feel all the pressure
An' I like it this way
But my body's callin'
My body's callin'

Won't ya come back to this
World again

Suspended deep in a sea of black
I got the light at the end
I got the bones on the mast
Well, I've gone sailin'
I've gone sailin'

I could leave so easily
While friends are callin' back to me
I said they're
They're leavin' it all up to me
When all I needed was clarity
An' someone to tell me
What the fuck is goin' on
Goddamn it

Slippin' further and further away
It's a miracle how long we can stay
In a world our minds created
In a world that's full of shit

Help me...
Help me...
Help me...
Help me...

Please understand me
I'm climbin' to the wreckage
Of all my twisted dreams
With this cheap investigations
Just can't stifle all my screams
An' I'm waitin' at the crossroads
Waitin' for you
Waitin' for you
Where are you?

No one's gonna bother me anymore
No one's gonna mess with my head no more
I can't understand what all the fightin's for
But it's so nice here down off the shore
I wish you could see this 'cause there's nothin' to see
It's peaceful here an' it's fine with me
Unlike the world where I used to live
I never really wanted to live

(clear!) Zap him again
(clear!) Zap the son of a bitch again

(i love you)

Ya live your life like it's a coma
So won't you tell me why we'd wanna
With all the reasons you give it's
It's kinda hard to believe

But who am I to tell you that I've
Seen any reason why you should stay
Maybe we'd be better off
Without you anyway
Gotta one way ticket on your last chance ride
Gotta one way ticket to your suicide
Gotta one way ticket an' there's no way out alive
An' all these crass communications
That has left you in the cold
Isn't much for consolations
When you feel so weak and old
But if home is where the heart is
Then there's stories to be told
No, you don't need a doctor
No one else can heal your soul
Got your mind in submission
Got your life on the line
But no body's pulled the trigger
They just stepped aside
They be down by the water
While you watch 'em wavin' goodbye
They be callin' to the mornin'
They be hangin' on the phone
They be waitin' for an answer
But you know nobody's home
An' when the bells stopped ringin'
It was nobody's fault but your own
There were always ample warnings
There were always subtle signs
An' you would've seen it comin'
But we gave you too much time
When you said that no one's listenin'
Why your bestfriend dropped a dime
Sometimes we get so tired of waiting
For a way to spend our time
An' it's so easy to be social
It's so easy to be cool
Yeah it's easy to be hungry
When you ain't got shit to lose
An' I wish that I could help you
With what you hope to find
But I'm still out here waiting
Watchin' reruns of my life
When you reach the point of breaking
You know it's gonna take some time
To heal the broken mem'ries of
Another man would need just to survive
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