Coat of Many Colors
by Dolly Parton

Back through the years I go wonderin’ once again,
Back to the seasons of my youth;
I recall a box of rags that someone gave us,
And how my momma put the rags to use;
There where rags of many colors, every piece was small
And I didn’t have a coat and it was way down in the fall.
Momma sewed the rags together,
Sewing every piece with love she made my coat of my colors
That I was so proud of..

As she sewed she told a story,
From the bible, she had read.
About a coat of many colors
Joseph wore and then she said
Perhaps this coat will bring you
Good luck and happiness
And I just couldn’t wait to wear it
And Momma blessed it with a kiss

My coat of many colors
That my momma made for me
Made only from rags
But I wore it so proudly
Although we had no money
I was rich as I could be
In my coat of many colors
My momma made for me

So with patches on my britches
Holes in both my shoes
In my coat of many colors I hurried off to school.
Just to find the others laughing and making fun of me
In my coat of many colors my momma made for me.

And oh, I couldn’t understand it
For I felt I was rich and I told them of the love my momma sewed in every stitch.
And how my coat of many colors was worth more than then all their clothes

But they didn’t understand it and I tried to make them see that one is only poor if
One chooses to be; now I know we had no money but I was rich as I could be
In my coat of many colors my momma made for me;
Made just for me.
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