Call the Police
by Stephanie McDee

I'm a (unintelligible) ... beer drinking, zydeco lover.
Bring it on.
Ain't nothing like a party and baby
I ain't never going home.

I got my drink in my hand,
I ain't partied since I don't know when.
I'm gonna dance all night
and help start over again.

Oh, jambalaya, ... fire, gumbo,
Creole chicken wings.
Say, we don't give a damn
where you're from
Let's Zydeco dance.

? jumping, floor jumping
booty shakin, love makin, swing,
all down in the bayou
even much the aligators drink (?)

? Sw ... r ...? on the porch
having theyselves a good time
And Ma and Pa in the kitchen
Making them love a batch of wine.

Sal and Sue on the floor
doin' the Cajun do-si-do
And we gon' party like we
never partied before.

Why don't you call your wife,
call your boss man,
'cuz we ain't never going home.
Call the police! Call the police
'cuz we g'on get our drinks on.

And you can call the police.
Call the police
'cuz we g'on tear this place down.
You better call the police,
call the police
'cuz we ain't never going home.

'Cuz we love that Zydeco!
Dance across the flo'
Do a Cajun do-si-do
You know we love our Zydeco!
We gonna dance across the flo'
and do a Cajun do-si-do
'Cuz we ain't never going home.
We g'on get our drinks on
and we ain't going going home
cuz we g'on get our drinks on home.
I guess she was a party queen. I wish her much success with her new life as a gospel preacher and giving up liquor.
Lyrics submitted by Samantha.