Beat It Up
by Lil' Boosie

I kno lately dat we aint did much
but on my mama girl i promise imma make dat up
I kno you sick of all dem bi***** wit dem rumors and lies
But i ever get the weather you gone always be mine
imma Strecth my tyme we gone make things right
No mo layin by yourself between dem sheets at night
Girl imma BEAT DAT PU**Y up until you holla dats enough

I walked outside look im tired of dis man my juvie in the yard wit my drawers in her hand
My girl looked at me said you Dog A** Nigga Imma Fine to put dis knife in ur MOTHERFU**ING Liver
I couldnt say sh** had to leave da house
She punched me in my SH** all i did was walk out
Because i'm wrong but 2nite wen she go home
Imma keep calling her phone until she let me lay dat bone FU** DAT SH**

My other BI**H den put me on child support
my nigga on da run (SLIP) and got on dat dope
I need to fu** something bad i got pressure built up
So the next thing i FU** she gone get extra ripped up
I looked up to GOD and told him fix dis SH**
I got j-lo at home i need my BI**H
three in the moring girl still hanging up the phone
She answered bring yo nasty A** home girl im on my way home

Back to Chorus

Man dis next time (AWW SH**)
Dis BIT** hit me on my chirp line
BOOSIE how my mouth was
Im right on side my FUCK*** girl
O u let dem hoes suck on my SH**
I said no she sucked vic
but he just play like he was sleeping
She got quiet for a minute
I kissed her on the neck
i played with the PU**Y
And i got my girl wet
She said i love ur black A**
i said i love you to
Another BIT** hit up the phone
Boosie wat do it do

Man she granned da phone who is dis
Hoe hung up she broke my SH**
threw out all my georgia sh**
Had a nigga mo sick
DA** wat i den did
She like boosie you aint gone never c ur MOTHERFU**ING Kids

I told her dat im sorry
i tired of lyin
tired of seeing my girl crying
need a second third chance please dont find another man
been months since i took u out
always in dat FU**ING South
i want to beat dat PU**Y up please dont put a nigga out

now lately errbody been trippin
me u and da children
Errbody been slippin
Imma keep it real lets get it right
lets have a dinner candlelight
SH** dat will be nice
but da ice aint make it happen
price aint make it happen
but it want all dat
It was hoes dat brought da magnet
used to laugh at each other
now we mad wit each other
in da bed we used to cuddle
now i barely even FU** her
and evertime u gone i be thinking of you
got my thing rock hard girl im feining 4 u
when we first met it was right on time
you was bonnie i was clyde
girl u down to ride
please nigga im your ridde or die
dats wat i like to hear
whisper softly in my ear
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