Bang Bang
by Lil Wayne

Shoot til my motherfucking hand fall off
You track stars the gun shot ran yall off
I pop like a soda watch a can fall off
I can kill yall and yall boys
[Repeat x2]

[Lil Wayne]
Shot guns,hand guns louder than an band drum
You fucking with the the drum
Angel let me play you the anthem
BANG BANG BANG BANG call it heavy metal
I say BANG BANG bitch I make you feel every letter
B-A-N-G B-A-N-G G-A-N-G we spray then leave
We play when we now we play N-E-V-E-R C-P-R
Doctor Carter are you the disease boy
Young money motherfucker these these boys
Bitches ya crazy we retards
Watch Nikki,Mack and Tommy have a brief Minaj
Soulja boy on the beat
but you could call me Chef Boyardee
Cause i'm aheat this shit and i'm a eat this shit
Planet Earth is my toilet yall beneath this shit
Then I flush and wipe my ass gun slinger like a pass
I cock back and throw a bomb now hail mary
Ya talefairy fairytale very frail
And yea we got them hammers trying to hit every nail
Let em sail up the river with that ho shit
Or leave em face down in the fucking ocean
I een on no other shit bitch i'm on some mo shit
That Hello how you doing i am at your front door shit
That aw no he got a gun O shit..... shit.....shit
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