Bachelor Pad
by Gucci Mane

Yall da one dat stay in ma bachelor pad
wanna slow dance in ma mansion
shawty wanna stay in ma bachelor pad
but imma bachelor and i dont have that

In ma bachelor pad
and i dont have that
it never felt too bad
in ma bachelor pad
cuz i dont trap dat

Shawty hotter than a hippopotamus in the sahara
wit a walk like a rhinocharaus just like tacara
an ass like a noscrologist i need a telescope
i asked her wats her zodiac so i can read her horoscope
back bent and she switch it like she planned it
she acted some imma tacted tried to break the mattress
sexist so i suggested lets switch to sideways
pounded for bout a hour she said she tired
first she wouldnt ecknowledge me
but now she cant get off of me
she done got a load of me
i freak her on ma office desk
i was goin medium she told me do it faster
i gave her wat she asked for and drived her like ma fast car
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