A Moment of Grace
by Palmetto State Quartet

She was down on her knees
She would never get free
Her accusers had stones in their hands
They turned to Jesus just to see what he’d say
But the Lord just wrote in the sand
They all walked away when they heard him say
Let the sin free cast the first stone
With tears on her face, all her sins were erased
She stood in a moment of grace

Now the thief on the cross knew that his life was lost
He must pay for the crimes of his past
He had done nothing right
He would sure lose his fight
His time was running out fast
Then he took his last shot
Said to Jesus why not
Remember me when you reach Heaven’s gate
Jesus forgave and all his sins were erased
And he died in a Moment of Grace.

A Moment of Grace,
Undeserved favor
Unspeakable joy
My soul found an anchor
Such unmerited love
And mercy that swept my soul away
He called my name & everything changed in
A Moment of Grace

I’ve been counted out by the self righteous crowd
Who would say that I’m not worthy to live
They say... you’ve drifted too far
You’re so stuck in sin’s mire
You need a miracle that only God can give
But Jesus passed by and with his reply
He said I chose you... just live for me today
And Jesus forgave...... all my sin was erased
And I stood in a Moment of Grace

Lyrics submitted by Cindy Reiking.