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chahta main tujhko 32 Views added 1 year ago
Aur Kya Chahun Tum Bin Prabhu... 64 Views added 1 year ago
Tujhko Chahun 120 Views added 1 year ago
Mera Mann Prabhu 104 Views added 1 year ago
Tu hi ek,jo main chahata 56 Views added 1 year ago
Tu jo chahe woh na kar 415 Views added 1 year ago
Ahankar aur tann mann 24 Views added 1 year ago
Atman Main Hoon... 37 Views added 1 year ago
Rassa Kashi... 54 Views added 1 year ago
Prabhu Main... 61 Views added 1 year ago
Main Toh Yeh Tan 83 Views added 1 year ago
Dikhta Jo Hoon Main... 133 Views added 1 year ago
Kuch Main Nahi... 29 Views added 1 year ago
Main Kuch Bhi Na Kuch Na... 760 Views added 1 year ago
Main Toh Prabhu Kya Hoon... 34 Views added 1 year ago
Duniya Teri Maya... 321 Views added 1 year ago
Tum Bin Kuch Bhi Main Na... 152 Views added 1 year ago
kuch Bhi Main Toh Nahi 523 Views added 1 year ago
Main Kuch Bhi Na Ahenkar... 155 Views added 1 year ago
Prabhu Teri Kripa... 228 Views added 1 year ago
Jo Bhi Jeeta 35 Views added 1 year ago
Moksh Jo Paata... 16 Views added 1 year ago
Arpan Tujhe Karun Jeevan... 141 Views added 1 year ago
Har Kadam Jo Main Leta... 66 Views added 1 year ago
Teri Kripa Bin Prabhu 96 Views added 1 year ago
Kaise Karun Shukruadha... 125 Views added 1 year ago
Abhari Itna Prabhu Main 52 Views added 1 year ago
Andhe Jo Hote Hain 32 Views added 1 year ago
Jo Bhi Jag Mein 35 Views added 1 year ago
Na Akela Main Kabhi Bhi 89 Views added 1 year ago
Prabhu Kahan 19 Views added 1 year ago
Prabhu Toh Hai Har Jagah 30 Views added 1 year ago
Prabhu Kahan Hai Woh 98 Views added 1 year ago
Hawa Toh Har Jagah 53 Views added 1 year ago
Aasmaan Mein Woh Hain 185 Views added 1 year ago
Naatak Uska Hain Yeh 15 Views added 1 year ago
Khushi se jiyo 62 Views added 1 year ago
Sach Kuch Bhi Nahi 419 Views added 1 year ago
Yeh dharthi kya hai 30 Views added 1 year ago
Duniya Yeh Unki Leela 12 Views added 1 year ago
Yeh Samsaar Toh Ek Naatak Hain 8 Views added 1 year ago
Yeh toh ik naatak hain 10 Views added 1 year ago
Satya Toh Ek Hai 80 Views added 1 year ago
Naatak Yeh Prabhu Ka Hain 23 Views added 1 year ago
Yeh Bhi Shiv Ka 32 Views added 1 year ago
Jahan Jo Yeh Hain 19 Views added 1 year ago
Sundar aur haseen jo 28 Views added 1 year ago
Sach ka mujhe ehsaas hua 39 Views added 1 year ago
Jo bhi sundar haseeen 16 Views added 1 year ago
Yeh jag itna sundar 71 Views added 1 year ago
Jo bhi sundar vo shiv hain
from AiR
 59 Views added 1 year ago
Shiv Bin Kuch Bhi Nahi Hai
from AiR
 55 Views added 1 year ago
Satyam shivam sundaram..
from AiR
 124 Views added 1 year ago
Parmatman..atman tujhko... 37 Views added 1 year ago
Chura liya mujhse tumko... 97 Views added 1 year ago

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