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Chante's Got A Man 4 Views added 1 month ago
It's About Time 2 Views added 2 months ago
Some Kind Of Trouble 2 Views added 2 months ago
When The Levee Breaks 3 Views added 2 months ago
Highway Robbery 3 Views added 2 months ago
Down To My Last Teardrop 9 Views added 2 months ago
It's A Little Too Late 2 Views added 2 months ago
Leaving Tonight 8 Views added 2 months ago
Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 10 Views added 3 months ago
Long Tall Sally 3 Views added 3 months ago
Go All The Way 3 Views added 3 months ago
Let's Twist Again 3 Views added 3 months ago
When I Think Of You 4 Views added 4 months ago
Holy Ghost 8 Views added 4 months ago
She Works Hard For The Money 23 Views added 5 months ago
Where Are You Now? 6 Views added 5 months ago
Too Many Fish In The Sea 15 Views added 5 months ago
(Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below, We're All Going To Go 17 Views added 5 months ago
Sexual Healing 25 Views added 5 months ago
What Christmas Means To Me 21 Views added 6 months ago
Gimme Some Water 53 Views added 6 months ago
Dead Giveaway 3 Views added 7 months ago
Stop This Game 18 Views added 8 months ago
Electricity 6 Views added 8 months ago
Too Much Time On My Hands
from Styx
 115 Views added 8 months ago
Your Mama Don't Dance 79 Views added 9 months ago
Two Hearts Beat As One
from U2
 12 Views added 9 months ago
Tupelo Honey 10 Views added 9 months ago
Beatnik Beach 2 Views added 9 months ago
You Lost The Sweetest Boy 3 Views added 9 months ago
Domino 13 Views added 9 months ago
Secret Lovers 125 Views added 9 months ago
L.A. Woman 69 Views added 9 months ago
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around 38 Views added 9 months ago
I Can't Wait 13 Views added 9 months ago
The Happening 1 View added 9 months ago
Harlem Shuffle 4 Views added 10 months ago
Promised Land 25 Views added 10 months ago
Come And Get These Memories 10 Views added 10 months ago
Break On Through (To The Other Side) 24 Views added 10 months ago
The Soft Parade 38 Views added 10 months ago
Backfield In Motion 46 Views added 10 months ago
Katmandu (Live) 1 View added 10 months ago
Heavy Music (Live) 13 Views added 10 months ago
The Weight 17 Views added 10 months ago
Jungleland 27 Views added 11 months ago
Paradise By The Dashboard Light 43 Views added 11 months ago
Don't Let Go (Love) 19 Views added 11 months ago
Life's What You Make It 3 Views added 11 months ago
I Still Believe (Great Design) 11 Views added 11 months ago
Come Go With Me
from Exposé
 11 Views added 11 months ago
Mr. Roboto
from Styx
 191 Views added 11 months ago
Fingertips Pt. 1 & 2 6 Views added 12 months ago
Rockin' The Paradise
from Styx
 43 Views added 1 year ago
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 80 Views added 1 year ago
A.D. 1928
from Styx
 28 Views added 1 year ago
Free Your Mind 63 Views added 1 year ago
Got To Give It Up 34 Views added 1 year ago
from Skyy
 8 Views added 1 year ago
Stroke You Up 7 Views added 1 year ago
Shake Me, Wake Me (When it's Over) 2 Views added 1 year ago
Where Were You
from Journey
 21 Views added 1 year ago
Katmandu 14 Views added 1 year ago
That's All
from Genesis
 7 Views added 1 year ago
Hey Joe 193 Views added 1 year ago
Stay With Me
from Faces
 10 Views added 1 year ago
Psychedelic Shack 8 Views added 1 year ago
Rockin' Into The Night 29 Views added 1 year ago
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 617 Views added 1 year ago
Can't You See 33 Views added 1 year ago
No More Words
from Berlin
 5 Views added 1 year ago
River Deep, Mountain High 10 Views added 1 year ago
Somebody 52 Views added 1 year ago
Pretty Mess
from Vanity
 409 Views added 1 year ago
I'm Still In Love With You 1,122 Views added 1 year ago
Meeting In The Ladies' Room
from Klymaxx
 457 Views added 1 year ago
The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love)
from Journey
 1 View added 1 year ago
Just The Way You Like It 488 Views added 1 year ago
Time Won't Let Me 30 Views added 1 year ago
The Way You Make Me Feel 27 Views added 1 year ago
Shop Around 3 Views added 1 year ago
Husband 5 Views added 1 year ago
Missing You 6 Views added 1 year ago
Sleeping Single In A Double Bed 78 Views added 1 year ago
I Was Made to Love Her 37 Views added 1 year ago
Something He Can Feel 14 Views added 1 year ago
Do Unto Me 8 Views added 1 year ago
Keep On Truckin' 38 Views added 1 year ago
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
from Journey
 3,008 Views added 1 year ago
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) 157 Views added 1 year ago
Someday We'll Be Together 47 Views added 1 year ago
Never Lie 243 Views added 1 year ago
The Tracks Of My Tears 8 Views added 1 year ago
Band of Gold 414 Views added 1 year ago
Grapevyne 97 Views added 1 year ago
Nobody's Supposed To Be Here 363 Views added 1 year ago
Distant Lover 110 Views added 1 year ago
Who's Crying Now
from Journey
 283 Views added 1 year ago
Love On The Rocks 133 Views added 1 year ago
I Miss You 316 Views added 1 year ago
Reflections 25 Views added 1 year ago
Life In The Fast Lane
from Eagles
 91 Views added 1 year ago
Bad Luck 58 Views added 1 year ago
Total Eclipse Of The Heart 4,735 Views added 1 year ago
Stop! In The Name Of Love 13 Views added 1 year ago
Where Is My Love 94 Views added 1 year ago
There Goes My Baby 43 Views added 1 year ago
Where Are All My Friends 41 Views added 1 year ago
Don't Take Your Love 26 Views added 1 year ago
I Don't Want To Know 181 Views added 1 year ago
I Can't Sleep, Baby (If I) 66 Views added 1 year ago
I Kinda Miss You 14 Views added 1 year ago
from Jodeci
 371 Views added 1 year ago
Baby Come Back
from Player
 647 Views added 1 year ago
Love Is Here And Now You're Gone 1 View added 1 year ago
All Cried Out
from Allure
 69 Views added 1 year ago
You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come) 115 Views added 1 year ago
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me 45 Views added 1 year ago
Goodbye Love
from Guy
 46 Views added 1 year ago
Sky High
from Jigsaw
 58 Views added 1 year ago
Baby, I Need Your Loving 11 Views added 1 year ago
You Used To Love Me 147 Views added 1 year ago
Divas Need Love Too
from Klymaxx
 12 Views added 1 year ago
Not Gon' Cry 316 Views added 1 year ago
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 197 Views added 1 year ago
Un-Break My Heart 1,239 Views added 1 year ago
Why You Treat Me So Bad 1,231 Views added 1 year ago
Lovers Who Wander
from Dion
 22 Views added 1 year ago
Breathe Again 483 Views added 1 year ago
5 Miles To Empty 268 Views added 1 year ago
Jealousy 13 Views added 1 year ago
Breakdown Dead Ahead 44 Views added 1 year ago
I Don't Like Mondays 21 Views added 1 year ago
Hall Of The Mountain King 22 Views added 1 year ago
Love Shoulda Brought You Home 149 Views added 1 year ago
Where Is The Love 55 Views added 1 year ago
Your Body's Here With Me (But Your Mind's On The Other Side Of Town) 20 Views added 1 year ago
Junior's Farm
from Wings
 77 Views added 1 year ago
Too Many People 117 Views added 1 year ago
Midnight Angel 116 Views added 1 year ago
Jack and Jill 370 Views added 1 year ago
In Times Like These 42 Views added 1 year ago
Married, But Not to Each Other 97 Views added 1 year ago
Standing Room Only 138 Views added 1 year ago
There's No Easy Way 424 Views added 1 year ago
Somethin' You Wanna Know
from TLC
 229 Views added 1 year ago
Baby, I'm Sorry 3,640 Views added 1 year ago
I Don't Want To 792 Views added 1 year ago
If I Were Your Woman 7 Views added 1 year ago
Goodbye To You
from Scandal
 269 Views added 1 year ago
The Rain 70 Views added 1 year ago
Going in Circles 47 Views added 1 year ago
We're Going All the Way 244 Views added 1 year ago
Crumblin' Down 32 Views added 1 year ago
The Last Time I Made Love 363 Views added 1 year ago
I Really Don't Need No Light 113 Views added 1 year ago
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (album version) 6 Views added 1 year ago
James Dean
from Eagles
 33 Views added 1 year ago
(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right/The Rap/(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right (Reprise) 171 Views added 1 year ago
Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life
from Indeep
 986 Views added 1 year ago
You Got Lucky 19 Views added 1 year ago
Real Love
from Skyy
 15 Views added 1 year ago
Let's Go Crazy
from Prince
 67 Views added 1 year ago
Summertime Girls
from Y&T
 106 Views added 1 year ago
Hot Line 53 Views added 1 year ago
My Boyfriend's Back 10 Views added 1 year ago
Surf City 2 Views added 1 year ago
One Night Love Affair 164 Views added 1 year ago
Rock Rock ('Til You Drop) 91 Views added 1 year ago
There You Are 9 Views added 1 year ago
From His Woman To You 28 Views added 1 year ago
If I Were Your Woman 342 Views added 1 year ago
Seven Whole Days 67 Views added 1 year ago
Fire Lake 350 Views added 1 year ago
Dim All The Lights 225 Views added 1 year ago
When I Give My Love (This Time) 353 Views added 1 year ago
Happy Birthday Dear Heartache 16 Views added 1 year ago
Turn To You 3 Views added 1 year ago
Don't Fight It 157 Views added 1 year ago
There Goes My Baby 6 Views added 1 year ago
Stagger Lee 83 Views added 1 year ago
Before You Walk Out My Life
from Monica
 595 Views added 2 years ago
Can't You Hear Me Knocking 52 Views added 2 years ago
Just a Friend 576 Views added 2 years ago
from Divine
 836 Views added 2 years ago
FM (No Static At All) 29 Views added 2 years ago
Hey Nineteen 605 Views added 2 years ago
Jane 620 Views added 2 years ago
Overkill 41 Views added 2 years ago
What Have You Done For Me Lately 127 Views added 2 years ago
Living Inside Myself 723 Views added 2 years ago
Have You Ever
from Brandy
 2,645 Views added 2 years ago
Vacation 82 Views added 2 years ago
As We Lay 97 Views added 2 years ago
from Pebbles
 345 Views added 2 years ago
Giving You The Benefit (album version)
from Pebbles
 14 Views added 2 years ago
Livin' For The Weekend 219 Views added 2 years ago
When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going 502 Views added 2 years ago
from Madonna
 11 Views added 2 years ago
End Of The Road 2,593 Views added 2 years ago
Let It Snow 6 Views added 2 years ago
A Little Taste Of Outside Love 31 Views added 2 years ago
Maybe It Was Memphis 61 Views added 2 years ago
We Got The Beat 8 Views added 2 years ago
Don't Stop Runnin'
from Y&T
 19 Views added 2 years ago
Feel Like A Number 58 Views added 2 years ago
Head Over Heels 19 Views added 2 years ago
Ain't Understanding Mellow 54 Views added 2 years ago
Our Lips Are Sealed 18 Views added 2 years ago
Hey Hey, What Can I Do 609 Views added 2 years ago
Black Dog 329 Views added 2 years ago
Please Mr. Postman 141 Views added 2 years ago
Misty Mountain Hop 94 Views added 2 years ago
Think I'm In Love 15 Views added 2 years ago
Rock and Roll the Place 48 Views added 2 years ago
Love Changes
from Kashif
 146 Views added 2 years ago
It's Been A Long Time 340 Views added 2 years ago
It's The Same Old Song 19 Views added 2 years ago
We Never Danced To A Love Song 84 Views added 2 years ago
I've Got Love On My Mind 226 Views added 2 years ago
You Got Your Hooks In Me 490 Views added 2 years ago
from Xscape
 15 Views added 2 years ago
Break It Up 16 Views added 2 years ago
Even The Losers 147 Views added 2 years ago
(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind
from Levert
 139 Views added 2 years ago
Everything I Miss At Home 215 Views added 2 years ago
Never Keeping Secrets 529 Views added 2 years ago
Night Life 26 Views added 2 years ago
Back Stabbers 9 Views added 2 years ago
There's Something On Your Mind (Pt. 1 & 2) 37 Views added 2 years ago
Minute By Minute 521 Views added 2 years ago
Talk To Me 1,190 Views added 2 years ago
Nobody Knows 808 Views added 2 years ago
The Love We Had Stays On My Mind 492 Views added 2 years ago
Lonely Nights 335 Views added 2 years ago
Happy People 383 Views added 2 years ago
Papa Don't Preach
from Madonna
 408 Views added 2 years ago
Send For Me 319 Views added 2 years ago
I'll Be Good To You 110 Views added 2 years ago
Cool 337 Views added 2 years ago
I Didn't Mean To Turn You On 223 Views added 2 years ago
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around 1,849 Views added 2 years ago
A Night To Remember 585 Views added 2 years ago
Not Enough Love In The World 323 Views added 2 years ago
G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. 356 Views added 2 years ago
Edge Of A Broken Heart
from Vixen
 218 Views added 2 years ago
Don't Come Around Here No More 82 Views added 2 years ago
It's Over Now 176 Views added 2 years ago
Circumstantial Evidence 43 Views added 2 years ago
Mr. Telephone Man 78 Views added 2 years ago
You Can't Change That 763 Views added 2 years ago
Let Me Be Good To You 165 Views added 2 years ago
My Love 573 Views added 2 years ago
Jesus Is Love 1,261 Views added 2 years ago
Hot Stuff (12" Version) 385 Views added 2 years ago
Bad Boy 394 Views added 2 years ago
Dare Me 421 Views added 2 years ago
Lovers And Friends 412 Views added 2 years ago
Blue As I Want To 164 Views added 2 years ago
And Our Feelings 168 Views added 2 years ago
If You Think You're Lonely Now 874 Views added 2 years ago
It Keeps You Runnin' 1,225 Views added 2 years ago
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) 436 Views added 2 years ago
Dynamite! 63 Views added 2 years ago
You, Me And He
from Mtume
 563 Views added 2 years ago
Funny How Love Goes 16 Views added 2 years ago
I Knew That You Were Cheatin' 194 Views added 2 years ago
Going In Circles 1,381 Views added 2 years ago
Don't Stand Another Chance 13 Views added 2 years ago
Cry No More 2,681 Views added 2 years ago
Too Hot 609 Views added 2 years ago
Every Drop Of Your Love 118 Views added 2 years ago
That Old Song 518 Views added 2 years ago
Is It Still Good To Ya? 42 Views added 2 years ago
I Still Can't Get Over Loving You 382 Views added 2 years ago
You Can't Hide From Yourself 763 Views added 2 years ago
Concentrate On You
from L.T.D.
 111 Views added 2 years ago
Love Has Finally Come At Last featuring Patti La Belle 141 Views added 2 years ago
Where Did We Go Wrong
from L.T.D.
 581 Views added 2 years ago
Holiday 63 Views added 2 years ago
from Klymaxx
 7,307 Views added 2 years ago
Christmas Comes But Once A Year 438 Views added 2 years ago
Shout And Scream 400 Views added 2 years ago
This Christmas 7 Views added 2 years ago
Please Come Home For Christmas 1,155 Views added 2 years ago
Christmas Just Ain't Christmas, New Year's Just Ain't New Year's (Without The One You Love) 67 Views added 2 years ago
If You're Not Back In Love By Monday 237 Views added 2 years ago
Congratulations 562 Views added 2 years ago
Cheatin' Is 91 Views added 2 years ago
A Long Way To Go 986 Views added 2 years ago
Party Train (12" version) 154 Views added 2 years ago
Standing Ovation
from GQ
 345 Views added 2 years ago
Underground 92 Views added 2 years ago
So Much Love 461 Views added 2 years ago
You Created A Monster 424 Views added 2 years ago
Leftovers 82 Views added 2 years ago
Do What I Gotta Do 423 Views added 2 years ago
Just Be Good To Me 1,466 Views added 2 years ago
Call Me
from Skyy
 514 Views added 2 years ago
Stop Doggin' Me 70 Views added 2 years ago
All In My Mind 181 Views added 2 years ago
The Blues 32 Views added 2 years ago
Distant Lover 538 Views added 2 years ago
Sweet Love (album version) 212 Views added 2 years ago
I Still Love You (You Still Love Me) 869 Views added 2 years ago
If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) 2,368 Views added 2 years ago
If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right) (reprise) 52 Views added 2 years ago
The Rap 268 Views added 2 years ago
If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right) 929 Views added 2 years ago

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