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Here's the list of lyrics submitted by BellaGold  —  There are currently 328 lyrics total — keep up the great work!

Let Me Go 0 Views added 26 days ago
Running Back To You 2 Views added 29 days ago
Headlines 5 Views added 2 months ago
Jamie 3 Views added 6 months ago
The Right Stuff 37 Views added 6 months ago
You Look Good To Me 6 Views added 7 months ago
Dance Wit' Me 18 Views added 7 months ago
I Want Her 59 Views added 7 months ago
Going To A Go-Go 2 Views added 7 months ago
Looking For A New Love 6 Views added 7 months ago
Give It Up, Turn It Loose 10 Views added 9 months ago
I'm Gonna Forget About You 1 View added 1 year ago
No More Lies 132 Views added 1 year ago
Be Careful (ft. R. Kelly) 917 Views added 1 year ago
Separated 292 Views added 1 year ago
Get Gone 2 Views added 1 year ago
Believe That 241 Views added 1 year ago
End Of The Road Medley 963 Views added 1 year ago
What If? 84 Views added 1 year ago
Chante's Got A Man 234 Views added 2 years ago
It's About Time 48 Views added 2 years ago
Some Kind Of Trouble 5 Views added 2 years ago
When The Levee Breaks 933 Views added 2 years ago
Highway Robbery 6 Views added 2 years ago
Down To My Last Teardrop 197 Views added 2 years ago
It's A Little Too Late 202 Views added 2 years ago
Leaving Tonight 119 Views added 2 years ago
Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 193 Views added 2 years ago
Long Tall Sally 223 Views added 2 years ago
Go All The Way 172 Views added 2 years ago
Let's Twist Again 641 Views added 2 years ago
When I Think Of You 63 Views added 2 years ago
Holy Ghost 183 Views added 2 years ago
She Works Hard For The Money 176 Views added 2 years ago
Where Are You Now? 79 Views added 2 years ago
Too Many Fish In The Sea 212 Views added 2 years ago
(Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below, We're All Going To Go 452 Views added 2 years ago
Sexual Healing 1,860 Views added 2 years ago
What Christmas Means To Me 447 Views added 2 years ago
Gimme Some Water 350 Views added 2 years ago
Dead Giveaway 11 Views added 2 years ago
Stop This Game 98 Views added 2 years ago
Electricity 242 Views added 2 years ago
Too Much Time On My Hands
by Styx
 480 Views added 2 years ago
Your Mama Don't Dance 800 Views added 3 years ago
Two Hearts Beat As One
by U2
 141 Views added 3 years ago
Tupelo Honey 7,947 Views added 3 years ago
Beatnik Beach 13 Views added 3 years ago
You Lost The Sweetest Boy 8 Views added 3 years ago
Domino 1,022 Views added 3 years ago
Secret Lovers 761 Views added 3 years ago
L.A. Woman 545 Views added 3 years ago
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around 598 Views added 3 years ago
I Can't Wait 120 Views added 3 years ago
The Happening 21 Views added 3 years ago
Harlem Shuffle 39 Views added 3 years ago
Promised Land 245 Views added 3 years ago
Come And Get These Memories 71 Views added 3 years ago
Break On Through (To The Other Side) 2,265 Views added 3 years ago
The Soft Parade 288 Views added 3 years ago
Backfield In Motion 242 Views added 3 years ago
Katmandu (Live) 11 Views added 3 years ago
Heavy Music (Live) 58 Views added 3 years ago
The Weight 34,118 Views added 3 years ago
Jungleland 136 Views added 3 years ago
Paradise By The Dashboard Light 870 Views added 3 years ago
Don't Let Go (Love) 467 Views added 3 years ago
Life's What You Make It 476 Views added 3 years ago
I Still Believe (Great Design) 27 Views added 3 years ago
Come Go With Me 329 Views added 3 years ago
Mr. Roboto
by Styx
 1,182 Views added 3 years ago
Fingertips Pt. 1 & 2 35 Views added 3 years ago
Rockin' The Paradise
by Styx
 142 Views added 3 years ago
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 302 Views added 3 years ago
A.D. 1928
by Styx
 161 Views added 3 years ago
Free Your Mind 449 Views added 3 years ago
Got To Give It Up 588 Views added 3 years ago
by Skyy
 25 Views added 3 years ago
Stroke You Up 208 Views added 3 years ago
Shake Me, Wake Me (When it's Over) 3 Views added 3 years ago
Where Were You 36 Views added 3 years ago
Katmandu 108 Views added 3 years ago
That's All 673 Views added 3 years ago
Hey Joe 1,007 Views added 3 years ago
Stay With Me 369 Views added 3 years ago
Psychedelic Shack 26 Views added 3 years ago
Rockin' Into The Night 128 Views added 3 years ago
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 1,317 Views added 3 years ago
Can't You See 228 Views added 3 years ago
No More Words 140 Views added 3 years ago
River Deep, Mountain High 36 Views added 3 years ago
Somebody 546 Views added 3 years ago
Pretty Mess 820 Views added 3 years ago
I'm Still In Love With You 1,255 Views added 3 years ago
Meeting In The Ladies' Room 820 Views added 3 years ago
The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love) 33 Views added 3 years ago
Just The Way You Like It 790 Views added 3 years ago
Time Won't Let Me 115 Views added 3 years ago
The Way You Make Me Feel 525 Views added 3 years ago
Shop Around 5 Views added 3 years ago
Husband 62 Views added 3 years ago
Missing You 370 Views added 3 years ago
Sleeping Single In A Double Bed 90 Views added 3 years ago
I Was Made to Love Her 110 Views added 3 years ago
Something He Can Feel 74 Views added 3 years ago
Do Unto Me 41 Views added 3 years ago
Keep On Truckin' 53 Views added 3 years ago
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' 4,726 Views added 3 years ago
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) 474 Views added 3 years ago
Someday We'll Be Together 156 Views added 3 years ago
Never Lie 394 Views added 3 years ago
The Tracks Of My Tears 263 Views added 3 years ago
Band of Gold 1,039 Views added 3 years ago
Grapevyne 214 Views added 3 years ago
Nobody's Supposed To Be Here 679 Views added 4 years ago
Distant Lover 277 Views added 4 years ago
Who's Crying Now 369 Views added 4 years ago
Love On The Rocks 320 Views added 4 years ago
I Miss You 1,146 Views added 4 years ago
Reflections 151 Views added 4 years ago
Life In The Fast Lane 552 Views added 4 years ago
Bad Luck 313 Views added 4 years ago
Total Eclipse Of The Heart 63,840 Views added 4 years ago
Stop! In The Name Of Love 14 Views added 4 years ago
Where Is My Love 129 Views added 4 years ago
There Goes My Baby 296 Views added 4 years ago
Where Are All My Friends 43 Views added 4 years ago
Don't Take Your Love 211 Views added 4 years ago
I Don't Want To Know 560 Views added 4 years ago
I Can't Sleep, Baby (If I) 156 Views added 4 years ago
I Kinda Miss You 62 Views added 4 years ago
Stay 512 Views added 4 years ago
Baby Come Back 38,972 Views added 4 years ago
Love Is Here And Now You're Gone 6 Views added 4 years ago
All Cried Out 323 Views added 4 years ago
You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come) 175 Views added 4 years ago
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me 143 Views added 4 years ago
Goodbye Love
by Guy
 1,145 Views added 4 years ago
Sky High 240 Views added 4 years ago
Baby, I Need Your Loving 272 Views added 4 years ago
You Used To Love Me 220 Views added 4 years ago
Divas Need Love Too 24 Views added 4 years ago
Not Gon' Cry 748 Views added 4 years ago
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 520 Views added 4 years ago
Un-Break My Heart 3,355 Views added 4 years ago
Why You Treat Me So Bad 1,540 Views added 4 years ago
Lovers Who Wander
by Dion
 73 Views added 4 years ago
Breathe Again 1,043 Views added 4 years ago
5 Miles To Empty 1,243 Views added 4 years ago
Jealousy 32 Views added 4 years ago
Breakdown Dead Ahead 109 Views added 4 years ago
I Don't Like Mondays 191 Views added 4 years ago
Hall Of The Mountain King 164 Views added 4 years ago
Love Shoulda Brought You Home 233 Views added 4 years ago
Where Is The Love 111 Views added 4 years ago
Your Body's Here With Me (But Your Mind's On The Other Side Of Town) 38 Views added 4 years ago
Junior's Farm 231 Views added 4 years ago
Too Many People 289 Views added 4 years ago
Midnight Angel 314 Views added 4 years ago
Jack and Jill 1,465 Views added 4 years ago
In Times Like These 109 Views added 4 years ago
Married, But Not to Each Other 1,131 Views added 4 years ago
Standing Room Only 509 Views added 4 years ago
There's No Easy Way 835 Views added 4 years ago
Somethin' You Wanna Know
by TLC
 251 Views added 4 years ago
Baby, I'm Sorry 5,886 Views added 4 years ago
I Don't Want To 1,178 Views added 4 years ago
If I Were Your Woman 23 Views added 4 years ago
Goodbye To You 576 Views added 4 years ago
The Rain 211 Views added 4 years ago
Going in Circles 114 Views added 4 years ago
We're Going All the Way 563 Views added 4 years ago
Crumblin' Down 286 Views added 4 years ago
The Last Time I Made Love 1,472 Views added 4 years ago
I Really Don't Need No Light 254 Views added 4 years ago
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (album version) 44 Views added 4 years ago
James Dean 144 Views added 4 years ago
(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right/The Rap/(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right (Reprise) 500 Views added 4 years ago
Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life 1,742 Views added 4 years ago
You Got Lucky 21 Views added 4 years ago
Real Love
by Skyy
 85 Views added 4 years ago
Let's Go Crazy 288 Views added 4 years ago
Summertime Girls
by Y&T
 187 Views added 4 years ago
Hot Line 175 Views added 4 years ago
My Boyfriend's Back 205 Views added 4 years ago
Surf City 58 Views added 4 years ago
One Night Love Affair 342 Views added 4 years ago
Rock Rock ('Til You Drop) 169 Views added 4 years ago
There You Are 52 Views added 4 years ago
From His Woman To You 140 Views added 4 years ago
If I Were Your Woman 712 Views added 4 years ago
Seven Whole Days 126 Views added 4 years ago
Fire Lake 635 Views added 4 years ago
Dim All The Lights 1,662 Views added 4 years ago
When I Give My Love (This Time) 465 Views added 4 years ago
Happy Birthday Dear Heartache 327 Views added 4 years ago
Turn To You 65 Views added 4 years ago
Don't Fight It 194 Views added 4 years ago
There Goes My Baby 24 Views added 4 years ago
Stagger Lee 431 Views added 4 years ago
Before You Walk Out My Life 679 Views added 4 years ago
Can't You Hear Me Knocking 92 Views added 4 years ago
Just a Friend 1,047 Views added 4 years ago
Lately 1,641 Views added 4 years ago
FM (No Static At All) 102 Views added 4 years ago
Hey Nineteen 1,068 Views added 4 years ago
Jane 983 Views added 4 years ago
Overkill 325 Views added 4 years ago
What Have You Done For Me Lately 172 Views added 4 years ago
Living Inside Myself 870 Views added 4 years ago
Have You Ever 7,951 Views added 4 years ago
Vacation 639 Views added 4 years ago
As We Lay 284 Views added 4 years ago
Girlfriend 719 Views added 4 years ago
Giving You The Benefit (album version) 30 Views added 4 years ago
Livin' For The Weekend 305 Views added 4 years ago
When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going 842 Views added 4 years ago
Holiday 375 Views added 4 years ago
End Of The Road 2,900 Views added 4 years ago
Let It Snow 10 Views added 4 years ago
A Little Taste Of Outside Love 88 Views added 4 years ago
Maybe It Was Memphis 397 Views added 4 years ago
We Got The Beat 29 Views added 4 years ago
Don't Stop Runnin'
by Y&T
 22 Views added 4 years ago
Feel Like A Number 119 Views added 4 years ago
Head Over Heels 135 Views added 4 years ago
Ain't Understanding Mellow 120 Views added 4 years ago
Our Lips Are Sealed 336 Views added 4 years ago
Hey Hey, What Can I Do 1,027 Views added 4 years ago
Black Dog 909 Views added 4 years ago
Please Mr. Postman 400 Views added 4 years ago
Misty Mountain Hop 146 Views added 4 years ago
Think I'm In Love 19 Views added 4 years ago
Rock and Roll the Place 84 Views added 4 years ago
Love Changes 472 Views added 4 years ago
It's Been A Long Time 878 Views added 4 years ago
It's The Same Old Song 108 Views added 4 years ago
We Never Danced To A Love Song 155 Views added 4 years ago
I've Got Love On My Mind 396 Views added 4 years ago
You Got Your Hooks In Me 911 Views added 4 years ago
Understanding 211 Views added 4 years ago
Break It Up 57 Views added 4 years ago
Even The Losers 253 Views added 4 years ago
(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind 168 Views added 4 years ago
Everything I Miss At Home 248 Views added 4 years ago
Never Keeping Secrets 805 Views added 4 years ago
Night Life 99 Views added 4 years ago
Back Stabbers 15 Views added 4 years ago
There's Something On Your Mind (Pt. 1 & 2) 332 Views added 4 years ago
Minute By Minute 852 Views added 4 years ago
Talk To Me 1,389 Views added 4 years ago
Nobody Knows 2,414 Views added 4 years ago
The Love We Had Stays On My Mind 895 Views added 4 years ago
Lonely Nights 783 Views added 4 years ago
Happy People 658 Views added 4 years ago
Papa Don't Preach 902 Views added 4 years ago
Send For Me 777 Views added 4 years ago
I'll Be Good To You 330 Views added 4 years ago
Cool 438 Views added 4 years ago
I Didn't Mean To Turn You On 401 Views added 4 years ago
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around 1,996 Views added 4 years ago
A Night To Remember 1,057 Views added 4 years ago
Not Enough Love In The World 574 Views added 4 years ago
G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. 1,192 Views added 4 years ago
Edge Of A Broken Heart 321 Views added 4 years ago
Don't Come Around Here No More 174 Views added 4 years ago
It's Over Now 198 Views added 4 years ago
Circumstantial Evidence 94 Views added 4 years ago
Mr. Telephone Man 17,486 Views added 4 years ago
You Can't Change That 1,349 Views added 4 years ago
Let Me Be Good To You 189 Views added 4 years ago
My Love 7,836 Views added 4 years ago
Jesus Is Love 2,342 Views added 4 years ago
Hot Stuff (12" Version) 815 Views added 4 years ago
Bad Boy 486 Views added 4 years ago
Dare Me 611 Views added 4 years ago
Lovers And Friends 551 Views added 4 years ago
Blue As I Want To 182 Views added 4 years ago
And Our Feelings 272 Views added 4 years ago
If You Think You're Lonely Now 1,233 Views added 4 years ago
It Keeps You Runnin' 1,428 Views added 4 years ago
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) 898 Views added 4 years ago
Dynamite! 123 Views added 4 years ago
You, Me And He 1,124 Views added 4 years ago
Funny How Love Goes 31 Views added 4 years ago
I Knew That You Were Cheatin' 238 Views added 4 years ago
Going In Circles 2,244 Views added 4 years ago
Don't Stand Another Chance 32 Views added 4 years ago
Cry No More 3,613 Views added 4 years ago
Too Hot 970 Views added 4 years ago
Every Drop Of Your Love 366 Views added 4 years ago
That Old Song 608 Views added 4 years ago
Is It Still Good To Ya? 58 Views added 4 years ago
I Still Can't Get Over Loving You 468 Views added 4 years ago
You Can't Hide From Yourself 976 Views added 4 years ago
Concentrate On You 165 Views added 4 years ago
Love Has Finally Come At Last featuring Patti La Belle 157 Views added 4 years ago
Where Did We Go Wrong 860 Views added 4 years ago
Holiday 121 Views added 4 years ago
Sexy 7,435 Views added 4 years ago
Christmas Comes But Once A Year 1,672 Views added 4 years ago
Shout And Scream 451 Views added 4 years ago
This Christmas 17 Views added 4 years ago
Please Come Home For Christmas 2,065 Views added 4 years ago
Christmas Just Ain't Christmas, New Year's Just Ain't New Year's (Without The One You Love) 200 Views added 4 years ago
If You're Not Back In Love By Monday 1,012 Views added 4 years ago
Congratulations 884 Views added 4 years ago
Cheatin' Is 186 Views added 4 years ago
A Long Way To Go 1,179 Views added 4 years ago
Party Train (12" version) 189 Views added 4 years ago
Standing Ovation
by GQ
 437 Views added 4 years ago
Underground 123 Views added 4 years ago
So Much Love 722 Views added 4 years ago
You Created A Monster 788 Views added 4 years ago
Leftovers 184 Views added 4 years ago
Do What I Gotta Do 489 Views added 4 years ago
Just Be Good To Me 2,246 Views added 4 years ago
Call Me
by Skyy
 1,360 Views added 4 years ago
Stop Doggin' Me 251 Views added 4 years ago
All In My Mind 547 Views added 4 years ago
The Blues 98 Views added 4 years ago
Distant Lover 600 Views added 4 years ago
Sweet Love (album version) 297 Views added 4 years ago
I Still Love You (You Still Love Me) 1,093 Views added 4 years ago
If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) 2,884 Views added 4 years ago
If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right) (reprise) 53 Views added 4 years ago
The Rap 438 Views added 4 years ago
If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right) 1,324 Views added 4 years ago

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