Oh My God

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Dreamer ft. Belve

TJ "Dreamer" Strozier, is a rap artist from Flint, MI. Dreamer has constructed a team in order to establish himself as a dominant force in the entertainment industry, while focusing on meeting the demands of the people as well as expressing authentic talent and individuality.

First Verse:


(Sykes, reporting live
-People keep on asking when the mixtape dropping (Dreamer: Aye, when it's dropping?)
-And my reactions always stay the same (Belve: I don't know)
-Because these niggas out here tryna rap is straight lame
-I'm still killing shit ain't shit changed 
-I don't care if it's your girl bitch nigga, stay in yo lane
-Got the hardest kicks like Daniel-san and the crane 
-Yo bitch call me Kobe I hit her from deep range 
-Get so high I'm starting to see things 
-Pop Rosé my nigga that's cheap change
-Peep game on instant replay
-Go 'head and hate and shoot the DJ 
-Swagg is a blessing 
-And I stay fresher than the produce section bitch 
-It's about 1:30 in the morning 
-We started drinking when the birds started snoring 
-And we, we pass out when them bitches start chirping 
-I just got out of work pulled up to a party that's just straight twerking
-Ha, like what's up bitch (Oh my God)
-Catch B. Sykes with a blunt and fifth 
-We get lifted fuck a prescription 
-Fuck yo bitch and make her do the dishes 
-I'm the shit and my flow got the runs
-These niggas played out like PlayStation 1s
-Yeah, Murder Mitten where I'm from
-Staying in a bitch stomach like Tums nigga 

 Second Verse:

-Niggas ain't shit, and bitches ain't either 
-I don't buy these hoes nothing I can spend that on some sneakers 
-I be drunk with all my bros I ain't even finish what I poured in my cup
-I like my beat down low, and my weed all the way turnt up
-I'm gettin to the money as soon as I wake up
-And I forget all my problems as soon as I bake up
-Went from Betty Crocker baking to getting my cake up
-Fuck whatever you saying nigga, ha
-And my nigga, whenever you ever get the feeling that you don't get the recognition for whatever you dealing 
-I recommend that you sit back and that you should pay attention 'cause everything they be missing is only 'cause they don't listen 
-Nigga I'm like oh, my God (Oh my God)
-I bet yo man never hit it like this
-Baby I'm like oh my God (Oh my God)
-I like my shirt, to match my kicks,
-Swagger like oh my God (Oh my God)
-I brought my girl, to take yo bitch,
-And she like oh my God (Oh my God)
-They just wanna tag team a nigga dick
-And yes I think, we should we should party let's get high, before we start it
-Let's get right, but don't you ever stare at the noise 
-Claire wants me to be her American boy
-I'm introducing what my day is like to losers 
-Follow yo vision or lose it this is feel good music

Written by: TJ Strozier (Dreamer)


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