Turtles and Whores

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They both make a livin’ in their bare feet
Catchin’ one is like a treat 
They both hang out right there by the Shell 
They both walk slow, at a simple pace
Both afraid to show their face
Only one has a built in place to hide
 CHORUS  Turtles and whores, turtles and whores 

I love them turtles and whores 

They both advertise a little tail
Move so much they never get mail
They both go by the same nick-name “Snapper”
 Daddy never told me about the birds and bees
But always talked about both of these 
And made it clear only one was fit to eat

If you catch one here’s some advice 
One is dirty and the other ain’t nice
[They ain’t polite and always walk up from behind]?
Make small talk and never let them see fear
Don’t work alone, just bait or beer
When you’re done just drop them by the river  CHORUS 
I’ve caught both while fishin’
I’m always on a mission 
And they both hate the kitchen  Turtles and Whores 


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