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The Man He Used to Be

by Jerry Jeff Walker

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Ron Davies and Jeff Silbar So that's where my head was at, in a book and a funky hat On the road with Kerouac, searching for the truth Sometimes I'm amazed, looking back at a certain phase Wet my thumb and I turn the page, oh, what was I trying to prove? Chorus: I just shake my head and I laugh, at a faded photograph Of a total stranger staring back at me Now there's no man stranger to himself, Than the man he used to be There's a closet full of worn out boots, skeletons and three-piece suits A million hats and attitudes and very few regrets And here I stand in faded jeans, an old t-shirt that don't say a thing And who knows what tomorrow brings, it ain't over yet Chorus No some folks get me confused, with someone they once knew I know the guy they're referring to, but he ain't been round for years Chorus I can see it in the eyes, it was a whole other life Now there's no man stranger to himself No man stranger to himself, than the man he used to be

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The Man He Used to Be

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