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Love and Happiness

by Etta James

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Love and happiness, something going wrong Someone's on the phone, three o'clock in the morning, yea Talking bout, how she can make it right, will Happiness is when, you really feel good about somebody Cause nothing wrong being in love with someone, yea, yea Oh baby, love and happiness, Love and happiness Love and happiness Love and happiness Interlude: horns I have to say, love and happiness Love and happiness` Yea, love and happiness Love and happiness Be good to me, I'll be good to you, will be together, See each other walk away with victory, hey, oh baby Love and happiness Love and happiness` Love and happiness Love and happiness Hey, hey, hey, make you do right, hey, love will make you do wrong, Make you come home early, make you stay out all night long, power Of love, wait a minute, let me tell you something, about the Power, Power of love, hey, hey, hey Power, power, make you do right, love will make you do wrong, Baby, Love and happiness Baby, Love and happiness, I say Love, Love and happiness, Can you say, Love and Happiness, Make you wanna dance, love and happiness Love is, wait a minute, love is, hey, hey, walking together, Hey, hey, talking together, singing together, laying together, make Me wanna moan, uh, moan for love, uh, let me moan for love, uh, Moan for love

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Love and Happiness

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