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Don't Fall

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Alone in a room I've been in once before Shapes in the hall I'm running for the door I'm out on the edge but I'm not defeated yet I hear my name above everything else Mark! Mark! Above everything else Don't fall. To this freak out Nothing's familiar And nothing seems to fit into the scheme of things Seeing faces where there shouldn't be faces No-one's really certain what tomorrow brings Don't fall my friend This nightmare never ends. Hiding inside a room that's running red The place to be exists only in your head And the focus of fear in the creases of a dress A female dress How did I come to be drowning in this mess Ahh! Fuckin' mess Don't fall. To this freak out Nothing's familiar (Rest of chorus) Don't fall I know your back's against the wall But this roaring silence won't devour us all. Freak out nothing's familiar Something's rearranged the scheme of things Mistakes don't matter.

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Don't Fall