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The Bay

by Zion I

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Let it go Let the good take hold I'm ah brother from the West Who was blessed with a soul Let me tell you 'bout a place You probably don't even know We still live in Cali Gotta style cultural We was Known from the 60's From panthers to hippies Now were known for Murders pimps and three-sixty's Side shows high speed chases too And a crack epidemic that will turn ya blue And an Aids epidemic that can end ya too It's the Yay baby brother and I thought you knew Oakland to Vallejo Vallejo to the Zay The Zay to the Sko' AKA as the Bay Unique so to speak In a whole lotta ways We hardly get the love â??cause we close to LA We got our own slang But everybody took it Now we goin' dumb down the Av drivin' crooked [Chorus:] This the way In the Bay (in the Bay) In the Bay [Repeat: x1] In ya little kuddy cold from the Northern Pacific Beach always cold So don't get the game twisted Thugs reprocessed to the death packin' biscuits Weed almost legal the trees it's terrific We got Cannibis clubs Filipinos and Blacks Latinos from all over the map Chinese and Vietnamese So don't get jacked Samoans Indians Tongans Thai's It's the Bay homie And we multiplies We never act shy when it's time to ride And we claim 2 Pac as a source of pride Said we claim 2 Pac as a source of pride Let it go Let me bless a flow my people Here we go here we go here we here we yo From the streets to beach Flat lands to peace To the freaks in the deeps drivin' by (beep beep) To the heat meet the seat To the cops from the beat To the rich to sweet To the poor to the weak To the youth and the beast HP 3rd Street (3 x's) telegraph to the Av North to the deep East To the youth and the beast HP 3rd Street Telegraph to the Av North to the deep East [Chorus] This the way In the Bay (in the Bay) In the Bay [Repeat: x1]


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The Bay

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