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Dat Look

by Bubba Sparxxx

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[Intro - Turk - talking] (*echo*) Uh huh Young Turk nigga Don't know Uh huh It's like that nigga (c'mon) Uh huh See'mon, see'mon, see'mon, see'mon, see'mon, see'mon See'mon, see'mon (uh huh) Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga See'mon, see'mon, see'mon, see'mon Look, look, look [Verse 1 - Turk] I thought you was my number one bitch, but I was wrong I was trippin, I had to be stone for pones I'm out my mind thinkin you gon' just my time But when I, when I went up that road you gon' stop the cryin I heard that I caught five, but I gave it back When I touch down bitch, I'm gon' pay you back I'ma fuck all you friends, all you close of kin Go back to bein a straight pitch again Put that steering wheel in your back, ride you bitch And I could give a fuck if your cryin bitch I'ma give you somethin dirty, I'ma have the last laugh I put that on my life, I'ma have the last laugh Try to blues me but the tables turned And it stopped on me, bitch you gon' learn Played with a Hot Boy, you gon' burn baby burn Head don't smoke like we just hit shern [Chorus - Turk] - 4X Bitch you gon' have that dick look Gon' have that dick look Gon' have that dick look Gon' have that dick look [Verse 2 - Bubba Sparxxx] Oh yeah, oh yeah Now this little dame, must of misplaced her brain Switchin up without the slightest little trace of shame Since Bubba K became, a heavily stated name She's thinkin my dang-a-lang, is a ride on the gravy train I certaintly ain't a lame, little Betty you misguided Cause it's rubels, not noodles that gets me excited Ain't never seen shit like it, a fisher done been dykin Since Clinton was the pres, now 'tendin she meant like it Now slut, you got somethin to tell me "oh wow, what?" You always loved Andy, cooled olie and mowwed up I'll oblige and give you a ride, but the only prize You receivin is what I'm squeezin out on your chalky thighs Oh these five dudes standin behind me, don't mind them But if it's fuckin we discussin, just know they gon' chime in But that shouldn't be an issue, you love me don't get shook Stupid whore that's what you get for givin that dick look (uh oh!) [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Turk] Bitch I'm home now and I'm back on my feet Back to the same Turk that I used to be You can get off my dick bitch, stop sweatin my balls Cause it wasn't all that when I was behind the wall Bitch now you want me behind ya, I don't want have none You did a dirty deed, bitch you played me sour You left me stranded like "Gilligan" To be honest with you bitch you was killin me But I'ma dog like "Blue's Clues" You did that bitch, well watch how I do you I'ma put you on cruise control Full speed bitch, you stanky ho It's a must that you feel my pain and hurt bitch Cause the name of my game is Eagle first bitch I'ma fool, you started and I'm gon' finish it Two can play at that game, but watch who win it bitch (bitch) [Chorus] [Outro - Turk - talking] Look I don't know what's wrong with these hoes man Niggaz gon' get in their jokes and these hoes go south Like Casper, you know what I'm sayin? It's all gravy though These stupid ass hoes, just don't know Bitch talkin 'bout, she can't pay her bills Know what I'm sayin? And why she only fucked one but nigga It's all gravy bitch, don't have to send me no letters You heard me, I'ma Hot Boy

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Dat Look

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