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It's All a Struggle

by KRS-One

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[Chorus] It's all a struggle (tryin to make it day to day) It's all a struggle (from my hood to around your way) It's all a struggle (single parents all by theyself) It's all a struggle (diseases decreasin your health) It's all a struggle (fiends swearin that's they last puff) It's all a struggle (hustler tryin to avoid handcuffs) (No matter what you do, who you are or where you from) (Rich poor black white, at the end of the day) It's all a struggle, and most people's struggles are doubled You ain't the only one with a challenge facin some trouble Look at the woman chewed up by the dog with no muzzle Or the workers that got trapped underground in that tunnel Some kids are playin in pools, others in puddles When they listen to the news the propaganda is subtle But it's time for you to know that the cryin got to go Release the guilt that you built and let it flow Slow and low, that is the tempo Move slow and on the low, this you gotta know You don't get the muscles without the hard struggles You ain't the only one out here tryin to get dough From the hustler to the preacher to the government leaders From the airline pilot to the chef to the teachers We linked in the same huddle, in the same tussle'n'bustle Cause at the end of the day, it's all a struggle [Chorus] It's all a struggle - but don't let the challenges bug you Or the government drug you, or the thieves in the street Beat and mug you - build your tunnel under the rubble Come up on the other side eye to eye with the trouble Look at the Twin Towers crumble Look at the religious leadership stumble, everybody struggles But not everybody comes through nifty, it's fifty/fifty The city itself will outrun you quickly Whether you be healthy or sickly Whether you be wealthy or thrifty, ugly or pretty Everybody's tryin to get 50's and 100's I taught this at UCLA just off Sunset Now run get "Ruminations" It's a book that I published for the healing of this nation In just a few chapters we run through, some possible solutions Cause at the end of the day [Chorus] It's all a struggle

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It's All a Struggle

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