Song parody of

I wasn't born to be what you want me to be

by Sawyer the Half-Breed

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(Verse 1) Yes, I give a fuck about the shit that happens Never giving up on shit, is thing that matters Life saying that deadly thoughts are grievance that scatters I'm full of violence that hiding, Stopped threaten by saying address, Believe in good thing that happened, Found love is healing my traumas. This life is an ass-breaking ladder System make us scream more and louder I'm the God Father that rather will spend a life being lover. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! No one know the existence secret of ours Rest just a day, find yourself homeless We need a fucking God Bless! (Every time I just hear emergency) (Verse 2) Cutting scenes, like I'm Wright Joe, With the chill flow, Hot as fuck outside But I'm still cold Full of snow, in my soul Frame me bitch I'm standing tall! Still not rich But breaking walls! Slowly, slowly Like a worm Creeping to my life goals It worth to lose the connections I've lost. If shit I come through, the price that I should pay Than life I fuck you, I got the game you play And it's the time I say what I have to say I'm taking risks cause in the end we'll die anyway. (Anyway) x2 (In the end we'll die anyway) (You must take risks cause in the end we'll die, anyway.)


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I wasn't born to be what you want me to be

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