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Half-Breed fucking hate you, hoe Fucking hate you Always, you always see me You always see me smile, But its so hard for me, I always have a war Between the love 'n' hate Yeah I don't look the same Don't tryna kill you fuck! Eradicate my name I fucking hate you all. Haaa, feed me to lions cause I'm just a victim I have a delayer that hiding my luck. Now set my on fire cause I am a witcher I've always been damned but I'm keep going hard. People beg God for help but the god just put bets Who gon win in the war, must of us just stay broke God you keep make us lose, People keep tie the noose, If there's so many evil, Maybe then the God sucks? Now it's not a secret That pray to the devil Much better Bitch just take a look at the world. When the man kills the man, And the man kills the nature When love lost it's beauty, Now all become whores. System make us all sheeps Make us stand on our knees Once god saw people cry, Now governments see them tears. No Why should I find myself so low? You got my picture with a bleed nose Mad rows


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