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Coming From

by KeepitSwain

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Now you know where I'm coming from Now you know where I'm coming from 92 baby Now you know where I'm coming from Pulling up real slow, boy I'm not the one Nah, I think you zoned out, this not your jurisdiction Wake up, pay up, there's a fine for attention Suits are politricking, really ticking me off But I still get up, get the money, yo get outta my face Pretty hung plus an ego, yo get outta my space We different walks of life, barely crowding my race Tryna find his own path, but he tired his soul And got more kicks than your kid's cereal bowl I don't know how these people even sleep at night I can't rest if I ain't eating right Get your cake and pass the knowledge All of this shooting, stealing, crossing over- I guess niggas really balling I can't call it I'm off it- sugar coated, dipped in chocolate Took the truth, then they cropped it Picture perfect- Farrah Fawcett Can't condone it, I'ma cross it Own the moment when you bossing Invisible men they're watching Its funny: a bunch of black guys mad white folks ain't paid attention That our black lives matter when its niggas that don't listen Lets try pitching wisdom, get my brothers outta county blues Put em into denims, no more winters in the prisons Bring my niggas home Save my brothers life Wash away my sins I just might die tonight Left Lane Swain- I don't know the destination I just know the charge I'm facing is awakened Now you know where I'm coming from Now you know where I'm coming from Southside nigga Now you know where I'm coming from Now you know where I'm coming from Yeah I'm coming from the blue and the red and the white No matter what you do, you could be dead by tonight I pray he living right and if he ain't, then God get him Before he falls to low into the flames of Hell's kitchen I'm seeing everything for what it really is All the insecurities we grew up with as kids All the white lies that was built for us as shelter Life ain't so Disney, that perfect world done melted So give me true facts and I'll never loose latch Holding truth back just creates a bigger slap And I don't like that, we finessing Uncle Samuel 40 headaches and I never got my damn mule Miseducated so all the teachers just deceived us Reaganomics, Chris Columbus, and the white Jesus Prolly why we look around and still ain't got no leaders Unless they're a celebrity representative speaker The black rose grows in the concrete of America The main character branching out to carry us Soon to bloom, soon to bloom Now you know where I'm coming from


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