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American Dream

by Chris Holly

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We're lost and scattered, standing in the sun in the shape and shade of a dying tree "Purple Mountains Majesty" has been crucified the dust blows through my hands in to your eyes Pre -Chorus City Streets and broken dreams try to sleep by any means the homeless look to you and me Try to sleep by any means City Streets and broken dreams and the helpless look like you and me Can't You See CHORUS One by Land and two by Sea We're orphans of an American Dream Stand Fight don't back down Put hands in the air let me see you out there Don't be scared Verse 2 No shadow of shame will darken our faces We find the path We take our places Cried a thousand tears Walked 10,000 miles now my feet are weak and our souls grow tired Faster and faster and the plaster to the caster Is the master of the disaster O' can't you see It's faster and faster and faster and faster It's faster and faster and the master of disaster O' won't you see Can't You See Chorus (repeat) Pre-Chorus Chorus Outro


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American Dream

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