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Oooh Have you seen this man? Cuz I'm looking for my baby He done run off again And now, I can See I'm looking for my baby He's up in the lion's den And I'm trying to save you from yourself Caught up in your weakness How Can I even help you when you can't help yourself? I'm looking for my baby, looking for my baby Inside your mind hell's all I find Yet I am here Caught up in the darkness Now I can't hear a sound You're Drowning out! In a moment of calm You let them back in My healing hands grow cold In the quiet, so loud A disheartening peace Came over me that day These same tears streak my face When I keep feeling you slip away Pulled down time and time again Into your own wasted memories I thought maybe there was somethin' Left in you, you could Remember of me That would turn your tide of war And push the demons down If only just long enough To say goodbye I Never found myself to be One of those kinds of people that Turn their backs on you Instead, I just lie in wait for you to Come to your senses but you never do And I'm trying so hard not to lose myself Caught up in the madness You Say you're gonna try and get better for us But you never do I'm looking for my baby, looking for my baby


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