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Positive Contact

by Dan the Automator

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Transmutation, brand new statements I'll have you gapin, open Check it out y'all Now let's see -- Deltron Z Art avenger, let's start the adventure Hit ya with nerve gas, absurd blasts Crashin space craft, I'm bio-enhanced Hiero advanced series, monstrous evolution Headed, tooth and nail, scoop the trail Super-sleuth, a new race Mad creator, savage nature World Wide Web, the ebb and flow Light years from watchful eyes while my thoughts Provide Objective, ? pompous prophecies Underground societies are ? Asteroid surfing, castor-oil burping The darkest side of humanity animated The grand awakening, plan to take it in I demand your patronage, mobilize my battletanks With clusters small, empty ? Many MCs cruise low earth orbit Easier for me to use my search ? Drift by a star, absorb it, and ? it Leave tourists pourous, my galaxy's gorgeous Quantum jump, I'm right at your doorstep Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (I know perfectly well what it is you're talking About) Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Even if the record skips, I still rip) Now I catch more wreck with fast ignition My last decision, pulse amplification Terror with napalm, I want y'all to stay calm Alien annihilation, I stay armed to the grill piece And kill beef 20 percent matter, 30 percent is energy Assimilating to become a living being Evaporative radiation fades your station I get high as aviation Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Reactors on) Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Even if the record skips, I still rip) I rise like helium, you're falling rapidly Trapped in apathy, while I track your speed I'm what you call a legend, dominance with Armageddon Gives me a warm reception Verbal war with weapons, installation Blowin' the star dust, distance twelve parsecs Enthuse your phalanx with my literary talents Just a bit of balance, rip the silence In space, all-star systems are our victims Atomics, anonymous with ominous Implications of information, Or information, and entertainment Cyber-tech dialect, you gotta earn my respect I'm like grammar or to amateurs, hit em with a Cannonball And in all this confusion, the fusion of music and Mind Precipitates translucent illusions Search the ruins with Automator Hit the walls with a carbonator Hit-or-missiles, just regenerate The sonic soldiers allow us to demonstrate Emergency dispatch, skyscrapers rip back From the impact, their flow is mismatched My style's protected by heat shields and ceramics Don't panic, I landed on planet Mercury Gave it atmosphere, set up my headquarters I'll never get captured here Rap your tear ? clap your ear ? with Solesonic Mantronic phonics Turn your brain to an omelette I'll hold a comet in bondage, with my dominance Take a space shuttle to escape trouble Bounce through the Milky Way Not many MCs feel this way Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Yeah yeah, what is it now) Positive contact (Wait a minute) Positive contact (Even if the record skips, I still rip)

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