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Angel Say No

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Angel I love you, you know I love you, but what can I say You're not really here anymore and I know it It's getting late they're waiting outside you're gonna run away One more time, it might be-e too la-a-ate [Chorus] Angel say no You're better on your own Angel say no no no Baby don't you know Don't try to tell me, baby don't tell me, I already know You got that look in your eyes that shows me (hey) I can't take it, I just can't take it, when you start to go-o Well any American boy would fe-el the same way-ay [Chorus] Cause you know I'm right It's another night You're gonna take that ride (yeah) No no no no! [Chorus] Baby don't you know Angel say no no no (angel don't you know) Angel say no no no (angel!) Angel say no no no (baby don't you want want want want want want) Angel say no no no (angel don't you want) Angel say no no no (you better run now) Angel say no no no (you better run now) Angel say no no no (yeah, you better run for your life they're gonna get you babe they got a needle and a hound ? angel say no-o) Angel say no no

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Angel Say No