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I Found Keisha

by Dave East

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Interrogations got my mental racing I ain't tryna end up in Bellevue as no mental patient See the plan was let's set a schedule, Tim from the other side had it Tim was into the flashing, sold him sour and caskets It's systematic, every Thursday night he would re-up Navy blue Infiniti tinted, rolling his weed up Anytime he felt he was followed it made him speed up He rarely cracked a smile, his demeanor was always G'd up Knew this chick that was mutual, every Monday they'd meet up Quick visits, he'd drop off a bag, she got her feet up Tim paid the rent to the apartment, it's in shorty's name Shorty's name? I'll get to that later, to me they all the same My cousin James called my phone, told me it's urgent He scoped the situation out, timing had to be perfect Worthless feelings building inside the mother of Tim's kids He got two boys plus she know where all of his friends live We found the weakness in his platoon, it's goon weather Hoodies only do dark colors, it help us move better I told James, cous' you know what to do if you catch her (I know) Might've took a loss, will I lose? Never, that's fool's treasure We gon' do this right, we ain't the type that's too extra It's Sunday night, James got the drop on the meeting time Monday came, Tim switched cars, nothing police could find I'm on standby, James supposed to come pick me up He said at three, at ten meeting shorty, something he picking up James ain't got no kids or no wifey so he don't give a fuck James remember when I had called him, glad that he picked it up (Hello?) I told him I woke up, Rollie missing (word?) Shit had me sick cous', ready to make my home the prison She had her Gram deleted morning after I got robbed Since then I been looking for her, I treat it like a job James took a picture and sent it, asked me who is it I text him and I told him, no question, she look familiar Fifteen thousand, the Rollie and a couple chains Charged it to the game but something was on my brain Couldn't figure it out, I'm thinking like Tim lying James peeped one of Tim's sons walking with mommy He thinking put him in the trunk and then he lit a blunt He getting antsy, he been sitting on this lick all month He ain't bother them, more concerned with they fatherin' them James parked in the complex, shawty walking in Black leggings, leather jacket, and some black shades Shorty five seven, few days earlier she got braids Ever since I got robbed, riding 'round in a hot rage Don't even care if I get locked up 'til I'm my pops' age James called me one more time, Tim pulled up by himself He parked and walked in the building, and then he checked his mail James a face Tim ain't never seen, shorty and Tim Up in the crib, this nigga fell asleep James knocked twice, nobody answered so he picked the lock Cut the lights, took his shoes off, walked around in his socks Shorty in the bathroom, wine glass and red wine Tim got missed calls from his sons before they bedtime James opened the door, it's steaming, whole mirror foggy Shorty in the tub, James 'bout to leap, he feeling froggy Soon as she see him, two shots, right in the forehead Silencer kept the blood neat, ain't leave the floor red Slid out, Tim still sleeping, he never woke up James had some powder to make him think Tim was coked up Leather bag, iPhones, chains, and the Rolex Fifteen thousand in hundreds and fifties, took no less Tim stretched out so James looked through his phone Searched through all the dressers, exploring all through the home A couple of text messages, saw the name Keish "Wait a minute, that's that same bitch that robbed East" James ran out, jumped in the car, relit the blunt up The sun up, kids going to school, think I might come up Keisha found in a pool of blood, James got one up I owe you nigga

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