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Moments in Time

by Y.G.

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Do you feel good? Baby, do you feel good? Do I make you feel good? Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Moments through the night, I turn to your side Rub my index finger through your thighs All of my life, I been feigning for a wife I don't wanna share Right hand gripped with the bun of hair Waking up without you is such a scare Gripping on your hips while you hold the chair After round three, it's just not fair Baby, let's live in slow mo' I don't wanna share Baby, let's live in slow mo' Baby, let's live in slow mo' I don't wanna share I don't wanna share We at a peak Oh, you my favorite freak Every day, every single week It's my job to make your knees weak Shh, I repeat I am not ashamed I will not forget your name I stood out in the rain I feel your pain I give you everything I, I The deeper I go, you feeling your toes You know where home is (you know where home is) Just focus (just focus) Are you for this? (Are you for this?) Are you wasting my time? Please don't do that Oh no, no

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