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Coup de Grace

by Motörhead

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Make it quick The coup de grace Makes you dead Kills your ass Gives you nightmares Bad dreams Panic in the dark Don't you go there stay right here Dinner with the sharks Open up your mind Life is so unkind Shine a light on me Tell me what the hell I was sleeping like a baby Trying to make me well If you will not play the game You will be cast out No disgrace Smiley face Work it out Make it quick Run like hell They will catch You as well Give you time Years and years Bars on all the doors Don't you do it Stick around Random to the core Don't believe a word Don't run with the herd I don't like the news Watch it every week Just because I don't believe it Don't make me a freak If you knew the real stories Can't be fooled no more You can kiss Or you can tell Parasite or whore Make your way Seize the time Your life is as fucked as mine No one's going anywhere Without a buck or two Wait a second Stay right there I'll be back for you Don't believe the lies Truth will make you wise Stay here in the room Show me all your tricks I know all the things you need I will get you fixed If you tell me dirty stories I'll be on your side Then we know just where to stand Nationwide

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