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My Baby

by P-Money

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[Chorus] Oh, you’re my baby Do you think about me all of the time? Oh it seems crazy Can you think about me moving all around? If you’re my baby, I’m your lady Baby, you try to make me feel the same Oh oh oh oh Wanna make a nigga motto Until they pull me off, stayin like Apolo Yea, you tryna make me say it ah? And at the same time I ain’t tryna to mix in A nigga pussy then, she probably on her hands then I’m poppin bottles with a bitch, she grab my hand then I’m tryna beat the pussy up, I’m talkin bam bam Uh, I thought she was the superior Uh, I thought it’s worth it, I was going HAM Bang it up and put it in reverse Yea, so I can put it in a verse Yea, your purse – I put it in a hearse You know you ain’t even work So when a nigga touchdown Turn up the speakers, rolling deep for me and played your time I made some paper but she’s really hard to match it now To tell the truth, I really like her more than ever now [Chorus] When nobody’s getting down I’ve been looking, I know you ain’t a stripper It’s time to take the cool off and shake it for a playa It’s time to shake it for a player, it’s time to shake it for a player It’s time to take the cool off and shake it for a playa Uh, I make your screen a lil bigger She send me videos, she used to send me pictures I’m on the boat like a UPS deliver But every I beast so I now I really know the different law I’m on a roll right now This one done got me on the road right now I wrote a song as I was thinking bout you So if you want it I’mma think about Here we go, can you jump? I think I made my point You know you miss right now But I’ve been tryin to make her rich right now [Chorus: x2]

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My Baby

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My Baby

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