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Helicopter Interiors

by The Dead Milkmen

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Stan's been seeing phantoms and we're not sure what to do His screaming keeps the whole house up all night Though we've never touched his closet and his problems are few Something 'bout his disposition just isn't right The tender young boy with the life affirming needs Waits in the garden And everybody knows that he's praying for Stan All the total strangers on the mountain tops Quarrel, babble, sometimes they dance Clouds on the horizon tell of impending doom You know they seem to be saying that we don't stand a chance Large chunks of evidence were chucked into my shirt As the navy doctor fell asleep a tense fog? surrounded us Brilliant lights ignite in the sky Everyone is beautiful if not somewhat unrecognisable Sometimes it's as simple as the stakes on a wall Sometimes it's as hard as a renaissance lute Stuffed animals into baby ? You know they'll even laugh at the people we shoot The tender young boy with the life affirming needs Still waits in the garden And everybody's sure that he's praying for Stan Even long lost poets like to regenerate With new arms and legs they sort the mail Cast iron officers wander around The president hopes that he'll grow a tail Manifestations of ? ? and Float into the sky at night AIIIEEEE! Oh damn it configurations play against the gawky savage ? ? mayhem ? into the streets of ? ?

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