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How's My World Treatin' You

by Billy Ray Cyrus

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This is just a business call It won't take no time at all If she don't want to talk that's fine Tell her that I got those papers signed I'm sure that she'll be glad to know This thing is finally coming to a close That was all I really had to say But since we're talkin', hey by the way [Chorus] How's my world treatin' you Are you happy there in my shoes While I've got you on my phone Tell me does she make you feel at home You've got everything I had to lose Is she makin' all your dreams come true Oh tell me how's my world treatin' you She used to treat me like a king Oh she was my everything You took my castle and you stole my crown When you walked in and turned my world around [Chorus: x2] Oh tell me how's my world treatin' you

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How's My World Treatin' You

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