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Used to Do It Too

by Lecrae

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Hey, KB, man, you know we don't brag on our past We just relate Some folks think they mistakes Gonna keep them out the gates It ain't about what you do, it's about what you did Let's go! I used to do it too, I used to do it too, I used to do it, used to do it, used to do it too I used to do it too, I used to do it too, I used to do it, used to do it, used to do it too But I'm changed, now I'm something different (Aye) I'm changed, I love the way I'm living (Aye) I'm changed, saved me from my own sin (Aye) I'm changed, I learned how to live again (Aye) Uhuh Ah man you name it bra, I promise I done done it all So busy doin me that I aint care at all (but I'm changed) I know I aint the person that I used to be I look the same but I promise this a newer me See what I used to be was selfish and conceited I was living for myself and telling Jesus he could beat it At the time I couldn't see it, all I saw was havin fun Went to church to look for ladies, not to look upon the Son I was a hedonist, now Jesus is my pleasure I was a narcissist but now I'm lookin betta. But I ain't fix myself, aint turn myself around I gave it up and told the Lord that he can have it now I was tryin to figure what's a goone to a goblin That's nonsense tell me this though what's a goone to the God-Head Then I save some for the Regal Got my divo, or my Evo, for my ego I'm a divo, I'm a negro, though my friends say Chapter 2 in the book of Colossians. I'm changed

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Used to Do It Too

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