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Act III: T.I. vs T.I.P. the Confrontation

by T.I.

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[T.I.P.] Man meet me at the mirror man Hurry up Come holler at meet Now! [T.I.] Man this shit is fucked up man [T.I.P.] Oh 'bout time [T.I.] Ladies and gentleman I apologize for the confusion [T.I.P.] What the fuck dem man you better holler at me [T.I.] See if you called back trap music you had a problem once before [T.I.P.] Meet me at the mirror man, come to the mirror [T.I.] I thought we had dis shit under control though u know what I'm sayin'? [T.I.P.] Nah home boy man I told y'all I was gonna let you do this shit for a minute [T.I.] Nah man hold up man I'm talkin' can u see? [T.I.P.] Man you can't shut me up man I got it from here on out [T.I.] Man it's obvious that we can... [T.I.P.] We doin' this shit my way now [T.I.] Man this dude is impossible Man why can't you just talk about what the fucks wrong wit' cha? Man why can't you just say whats on your mind man Quit all that actin' out [T.I.P.] Man talkin' don't do mothafuckin' good man Man this shit got way outta hand now [T.I.] Man I understand all that grub man but look though man All you gotta do is ride out [T.I.P.] Ride out my ass that's what got my mothafuckin' partner killed man [T.I.] Man you think I meant for that shit to mothafuckin' happen? Dog you think I would hold the keys like that? [T.I.P.] It don't matter what the fuck you meant to happen [T.I.] I mean all in all bro I told you do it my way and that wouldn't had happen [T.I.P.] Man doin' it your way is what got us here right now [T.I.] So what you sayin'? [T.I.P.] What the fuck, you heard me say nigga Y'all out here man y'all on T.V., flossin' wit your Hollywood Mothafuckin' outfits and bro I ain't wit dis shit home boy [T.I.] Well fuck it then 'cause you know every mothafuckin' thing [T.I.P.] Nah I don't know everything but I know bullshit when I see it [T.I.] Man [T.I.P.] Y'all be tryin' to put me on front of every mothafuckin' Camera lights [T.I.] Da fuck you mean man? What you talkin' 'bout? [T.I.P.] Ay look you need me partner man [T.I.] You need me [T.I.P.] I don't want none of that king of the south's hit for one for T.I.P. [T.I.] Man T.I.P. your ass get locked up every chance you let me [T.I.P.] If you let me? You see what the fuck I'm sayin' man? How the fuck you let me gonna do somethin'? Ay look man I'm sick of you and these other whole ass rappers out here Y'all can kiss my ass You can tell em I said that Fake ass niggas [T.I.] Man I'm done talkin' to you (glass breaks) Go back to your song Fuck it

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Act III: T.I. vs T.I.P. the Confrontation

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