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Just a song of Gomorrah, I wonder what they did there Must've been a bad thing to get shot down for I wonder how they blew it up or if they burned it down Get out, get out Mr. Lot and don't you turn around. Who gave you your orders, someone from the sky I heard a voice inside my head in the desert wind so dry I heard a voice tellin' me to flee the very same voice I always believe Say a lot of trouble comin', but it don't have to come to you I'm telling you so you can tell the rest what you've been through. But don't you turn around, no, don't look after you It's not your business how it's done, you're lucky to get through You're a good upstanding man, a credit to the flock But if you don't face straight ahead you could not take the shock Blew the city off the man, left nothing there but fire The wife of Lot got turned to salt, because she looked behind her.

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