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Five O' Clock Whistle

by Ella Fitzgerald

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The five o'clock whistle's on the blink The whistle won't blow and whadd'ya think? My pop is still in the factory 'cause he don't know What time it happens to be The five o'clock whistle didn't blow The whistle is broke and whadda'ya know? If somebody don't find out what's wrong Oh, my pop'll be workin' all night long Oh, who's gonna fix the whistle? Won't somebody fix the whistle? Oh, who's gonna fix the whistle? So my poor old pop will know It's time for him to stop Ya ought to hear what my mommy said When papa came home and sneaked into bed And told her he worked till half past two 'Cause the five o'clock whistle never blew

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Five O' Clock Whistle

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