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Pak Man

by Yung Joc

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[Intro: Joc's high pitched alter ego] See in my hood, we got monkey bars... and candy cars I'm the man right here, everybody know my name in my hood They call me Pak Man shorty [Chorus: x2] In my hood (I'm Pak Man) my hood (I'm Pak Man) In my hood (I'm Pak Man) my hood (I'm Pak Man) In my hood (I'm Pak Man) my hood (I'm Pak Man) 1- Shorty I'm the man and everybody know my name 2- Yeah they call me Pak Man and everybody know my name [Yung Joc + (alter ego):] (Geyeah, let me introduce myself they call me Pak Man) I makes it all about your cash man, get it by the pack man (See me on the block, throw the deuce or give me dap man) So how you rock your 850 (I rock it to the back man) (Chevy sittin tall, deuce-deuce dubs plus) (Sittin on the phone book, just to throw the deuce up) So who's the, #1 stunna in your hood (Everybody know my name, Pak Man, it's understood~!) So where you from? (Westside, and that College Park) So what'chu do? (Yeah I gets money from dusk to dawn) So how you ball? (Magic City, yeah blow a thousand ones) So how you shine? (Candy paint oh my God it's like the sun) [Chorus] [Yung Joc + (alter ego):] Ay pimp man lemme ask you somethin So how you grind? (Man I grind 'round the clock) Who's your favorite rapper? (Hmm, T.I., Jeezy and Yung Joc) Why T.I.? (Cause T.I. he the king) (Jeezy say YEAHHHHHHHHH on everything) (I like Joc man, shorty be stuntin) (Matter fact, that's the cat, who taught me hustlenomic$) HUSTLENOMIC$! (Yeah, I almost forgot) Forgot what? ((Everyday I'm hustlin) like Rick Ross, HA~!) HAHAHAHA (I'm so clean, I like to make my shoulder lean) (Like Young Dro, my Rover lookin like po'k & beans) Wow (I'll lay you down, lay you down for them 23's) (In my hood just like Ball and 'JG) [Chorus] [Yung Joc's high pitched alter ego + (Joc):] Let me show you how it's done, ay Ay I pull up on the shine, cut it to the left With the top dropped down everybody lose they breath Y'all haters know my name, so won'tcha quit playin Take a look at my two step, now what'cha sayin (let me see ya) Pak Man (won'tcha do the) Pak Man (let me see ya) Pak Man (won'tcha do the) Pak Man (let me see ya) Pak Man (won'tcha do the) Pak Man (won'tcha let me see ya do the Pak Man) P-P-P-Pak Man Yo, I guess y'all thought I couldn't do it Because I wasn't but yay high, and only so old But I was always told man, do what'cha do And you'll be okay, y'all drop the hook for 'em [Chorus x2]

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