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Tryin' to Get a Number

by R. Kelly

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Ooh wee! Guess who? It's Kellz and Nelly! Nelly you ready? (Uh huh) Y'all ready? (Uh huh) OK, let's go [Chorus:] Pull up to the club steppin' fresh up out the hummer Got a lot of cash on me, I'm a number one stunner In the middle of the winter I make it feel like summer What I'm doin'? (Hey hey) I'm try'na get a number [Chorus] [Nelly] Half you niggas goin' 'bout it all wrong (All wrong) Let me tell you what might help to get her home (Getta home) You think that lame ass demeanor Gon' make her wanna come to see ya You shoulda listened to big Ya dead wrong (Dead wrong) First, you get yo swagga right Then go stand right by that light Let that light hit off that ice Lookin' like you landin' flights That shit there like kryptonite She tryin' to put up a fight But she can't help it She enticed She done looked like more than twice St. Louis (Yeah) Chi-town (Yeah) This a lot of money mama, this ain't even fair They climbin' on the tables And they standin' on the chairs They tryin' to get a glimpse of what the hell is over there Then pop, pop, pop, more round of bottles Then pop, pop, pop, R. Kelly follows Then shit here like hard to swallow Only real niggas here know dis power Only real niggas give paper showers Three, four grand like every hour And I don't give a fuck who else in town Midwest come through, shut this bitch down [Chorus x2] [R. Kelly] I'm in the club And I'm sippin' on patron And I'm a be up in this bitch all night long So many my baby mamas I'm scopin' out like a hunter I'm tryin' to see which one of them I'm takin' home Look at her (Look at her) I like her Go get her Fuck it, go get them Let all of them bitches in Gotta lot of cash And I'm ready to spend it all I'm so high up in this mothafucka I can't see y'all So u take a picture (He!) She gave me time to pause And it go like Suit (Uh huh) My ice (Uh huh) My stunnas, now pause R. Kelly (That's what's up) Kellz 'n Nelly (That's what's up) Get that paper (That's what's up) Fuck them haters (That's what's up) Playa, y'all got the game all misconstrued I'm a 'bout to break it down Tryin' talk some sense in y'all fools Look a here Playa let me tell you what's happenin' Get that number keep it crackin' Tell that bitch to write it down Shake yo hand And give you dat napkin [Chorus x2] [R. Kelly] I'm gettin' my drink on I got my stunnas on Just stop the music You can hear dis on ya ringtone We in here all night long Dis goin' 'til six in the morn Wake up wit' two chicks Wash our ass And goin' straight to the mall Gimme dat number [Chorus]

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Tryin' to Get a Number

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