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You, you I see in my mirror in the mornin' Instead of seein' me I see you, I see your face And inside me is a growing need for your embrace In the light of day, though our faces meet Someone there might see someone else speak Till the dark of night, while the moon is new While we whisper words of love in our secret rendezvous Somethin's wrong I know, girl I love you so Yes I need you, I need you baby Oh you, my sweetest joy You can afford the best of life I'm just a heartbreakin' boy Oh you've given your love to me Girl, I can't let you hurt yourself by being seen with me We're worlds apart, so close yet very far So we must hide the love we're feelin' in our hearts We meet in shadows, your friends must never know That we are lovers, darlin' Although it hurts me so, for your sake no one must see The press of love you're givin' me But you know, I need you baby One day I'll make the break, my love will start to shine I can tell the world that you are mine, all mine Till then we must go on the way we have before And never let it show without each other's souls I'll never one-way track 'cause there's no turnin' back Oh I need you baby You, you I see oh in my mirror in the mornin' Instead of seein' me I see you

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