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Cramping My Style

by UGK

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[Infinity] Well, it's me, the I-n-f-I-n-I-t-y Coming on the m-I-c to let you know that I I'm sick and tired of weak-minded two cents brothers Only out for one thing, and that's to get you undercovers You wanna lick me down, strap me down Think you're gonna toss on me, well I won't be around For you to put wear-and-tear on my body If you know like I know You better go cause I ain't even hottie To tell you the truth, you ain't that major Cause you made a little album and you getting the papers Well, it's my turn and you're catching the vapors Before you know it, you'll be asking for favors Remember back in pa? When you were constantly jocking and calling my everyday The truth hurts huh, and you won't admit Cause, you're too busy thinking you're the shit You're cramping my style! [Bun B] Hold up dammit, you got the wrong man I hate to bust your bubble But, I'm down to drop a load, then I'm gone man Ain't with no relationships and sucking on toes I like a one night stand, just kick it with some hoes! You down with that jimmie, then it's on! The 9-2 king of the quickie, so get me then I'm gone Just open up, and you gone get got Ain't no kissing and hugging, I leave you sleeping in the wet spot Let me in it, and let me out Wham bam thank you ma'am, yeah that's what it's all about! And, don't take it personal when I bail on ya Just smoke a cigarette and kick it in the sauna Cause having me all on ya ain't the lick You're down for a love affair But see, I'm only down for a quick stick! So, check your watch or your clock Cause, I ain't about having nobody feening on my jock! You're cramping my style! [Infinity] I got to have some time to get to know ya, let me date ya Cause one night stands ain't really in my nature I need some substance to take it I love you on the first night, ain't even gonna make it Cause broken hearts, I don't had enough of I need sensuality, not a bunch of broke love If you can provide it, let's have it Take your time baby, stop jumping like a rabbit Let's start something on a come-up We can have it going on here from sun-down to sun-up Don't try to run up in me fast I want to find out how long can b-u-n b last Pass the ice and the honey, the money you can keep Watch your back at all times, one eye open when you sleep I can't have you for a part-time lover Infinity has found another Cause you're cramping my style! [Bun B] Love you down but only for a little time B-c-b, baby, I'm going down for mine My my my, I see you want me to spend the night No, not quite, I did my part, now I'm taking flight You just might see me again, but not soon You can keep the wedding I just want the honeymoon! You might be good, but see, that ain't even the point I got all that I wanted, now I'm out of this joint So, you can pass me my draws and pass me my cap Cause, I ain't go be here when you wake up from your nap And, that's the haps, no ifs ands or buts Now, pass my matchbox, so I can hit the cut I love them guts, but not enough to stick around So when I raise up, you can keep on laying down I hate to clown, but that's life as I see it You're looking for a full-time man, I can't be it! You're cramping my style!

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