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the wall
I may not be here when you call
So best be givin' me your all, ooh

After the havoc that I'm gonna wreak
No more words will critics have
He'd strike the sun
If it insulted him

All truth with malice in it
Against the natures law
I'll wreak my hate upon him
From the bottom of my heart
called time, wreaks havoc on you every lifetime, time will make its
Final sever, nothing ever lasts forever. Use me, oh so very wisely, or grow
Old only
of the ancient horde

Covered with blood

Embraced by fire, ANNU spawned
Screaming demons
Children of the serpent god

Wreak vengeance
making cabbage off a bitch
Ain't no simpin' partna, we wreaks havoc on a batch
Other niggas lick yo back or I'm fuckin' for the scratch
I'm a real
anointed by her spells
I'm drawn into the black abyss of fiery hell!" 
("I am reborn in bloodshed to wreak havoc, death and hate
Upon the lost souls
Look at that kid, no son of mine. he wreaks of pain and guilt soaked up and stained in his eyes that he cleans with 'serpentine'.
Rays in his mouth,
(that unreadable fine print)

defective product has been known to wreak havoc upon small villages and town folk.

(make that sweet green philosophical
and why am I cryin'?
Why am I tired of relyin' on rhymin'?
Me I've been worse than the persons I speak of
I'm cursed and I wreak of perversions a freak
urine leak to the floor
I got fleas like a dog and fuckin wreak like a morgue
While you worried about your mansion I'm concerned with the street
And if I
comes in disguise
Wears a mask that's enticing you
Death comes in disguise
Masquerading for you to view

She wreaks extinction
As she glides into
And the tears you thought were gone 
Have come to town again 

Maybe my love wreaks everything 
Maybe emptiness is key 
There's a radio that
out hearts are weak
But we must learn to thing before we speak
And consider the damage that we wreak
By choosing a foolish road to seek

I don't
Tell me to pull you in closer, ooh

Now my heart is racing, knees are shaking
I'm beside myself
My anxiety wreaks havoc on my health, oh
In the wake of the madness
I held it until it came right, yeah
I'm looking on the bright side
While they wreak in the havoc, huh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Will I rock classic? Ay
One shot snap him, most of ya'll plastic
I'ma wreak havoc, ay

Get a new gadget, go go panic
Yeah, I done lapped that race
Here we go!
Would you paint me something pretty
Bloodstained canvas wreaks of failure colors are smeared by turpentine
Let's paint to every written
severed heads
I am the son of mars, cleansed with infected blood, vile disease walking on 2 legs

The devil made me do it

Wreak havoc (right now right
I cause

And confusion

I put the sky

I see the world as the sun does
I wreak havoc in a whirlwind
The wind is at my
casually, in everything I know
You look down on me, but not right on me Did I wreak this broken home?

Dear Diary,
Life is trying me
Can I get a sign?
the havoc we wreak
It's all, it's all love to me

(And maybe it's my curse, I wanna hit it where it hurts)
(And maybe it's my curse, I wanna hit it where
blocked out
Put me in the ring that's a technical knock out!
Just saying

Can't let these geeks have it
Beast back to wreak havoc
Fresh dressed
urine leak to the floor
I got fleas like a dog and fuckin wreak like a morgue
While you worried about your mansion I'm concerned with the street
And if I
Break the mold
Let's shake the ground
Wreak havoc

We all strike a match
And burn this ordinary life
When the sun rises high
You'd best pray you're

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