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rectify the past 

Spellbound, sectarian fathers
Men of the cloth, thwarters of truth and pureness

Ponder with an unclouded heart
Wreak vengeance and havoc
Craig Adix Ya wreak havoc like road rages and bad traffic It gets drastic but these fantastic And attracting no more packin' Now we're fastin' has no more
the hate the shore and a filthy anecdote strewn beach 
So I seethe 
And I wreak 
Havoc on those I need 
And spit and writhe and rue the lack of time
""Shatter their fates""

A cold hard wind wreaks the plain
Each second past is one of our last
'Till the axe swings back again.
Without a sound
to eat your mind 
Tremor and they'll find you soon 
Their maw will be your doom 

These caverns wreak of death 
Entrails hide the very ground 
They draw
This path before me, it wreaks of sullen woes.
Lost in failure am I, Do I deserve to die? (x2)
Down this path I wonder,
Warfare now blaring like thunder.

My voice will spread hear the words it echoes
Inhaling that gas on supreme at petro
This shall pass get the money and wreak flows
Pull to the bag
Stare into eyes
With visions of wreak
The snap count of steel
I am breaking your neck

Blood falls down
Blood falls down

I breed upon life
As if drawn
popped like a pimple at the shop, that’s the winkel
We mob deep, it’s our second nature to wreak havoc
A project prodigy listen to my speech patters
heart is infested with vanity
You´re broken down mentally
Tear you down is what I want
Wreak your soul is my last goal
Bring you down with all your sins
I knew my destination from my moment of birth
I'd live my life my own way and wreak havoc on Earth
Through my entire childhood most everyone could
His eyes are fiery
The flame burns within
He wreaks of murder
His mind filled with sin
The sickening stench
Of blood on his breath
of the melting pot
Wreaks of shit
While a guy does your windows
With a sponge and his spit
The whores on the highway try to forget
That they jeopardized
You don't need a special invitation to come to the blow-out party of a nation
The big one's been set up for tonight
Wreak a little havoc till
a shove we're gonna wreak havoc on this rancid mill i'm searchin' for something even if i'm killed... (chorus) empty out your pockets-you don't need their
Suffering's all I can give 

I'm not the one to steer this 
My duties are fulfilled 
Take the strain and struggle 
The endless downhill 
Wreak havoc on my
This is the new violence 
This is the new violence 

No hesitation
To strike the lock
To wreak his partner
Through a hole in the wall
A couple
it in the distance
It moves much faster than I think
Yes this storm will wreak much havoc
Bring my sanity to the brink

Once I was so young
This is the new violence 
This is the new violence 

No hesitation
To strike the lock
To wreak his partner
Through a hole in the wall
A couple
axe, the searing glow of trenchant steel
I'll notch another widow to my haft, and wreak red vengeance 'cross the waves
Tales of black-sailed argosies,
wreak havoc in my brain
Plays my emotion, a never ending game

Nothing will be forever gone
Memories will stay and find their way
What goes around
It's just a nihilist that wreaks his craft with pride

It's too hard to walk away when terror is not too far
When he went to investigate, the blood was
wreak some violence
Reduce our memories to silence
We're passing all the stories of the unsung and unseen
Listen to the martyrs cry for me

'Cause I
to wreak my Vengeance
Let Heaven grant what love does seek
Alive without a breath, reach for the Thorns ofDeath
A shadow falls
Before my eyes


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