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Even if speech is bigoted, they should be allowed to speak
Why? To realise the havoc their ideas can wreak
Certain speech can't be suppressed
and I rise again
And I will rise when the enemy thinks I'm dead!
Stand firm on the word of God

Its a bloody taste when you wreak of your own disgrace
A blackness rises from the ground 
Turning all the seas to tar 
As rotten corpses rise 
To wreak a wave of terror 

Summoning the Mad God 

soulless corpse will wreak
I'll be up oak grove
And now this knife is going deep

I'm at the dance , you're feeling weak
This nights just begun and you're
The energy it wreaks even when I'm walking in the street
This kid is worth nothing just another kid asleep
I try to imagine my parents with a proud smile
that quick
Especially when addicted to the habit that wreak havoc on the rip-cage
I hope you happy with the path that you've chosen, capture the moment
I can't blame ya, the way wreak havoc in them heels 
Eyes got me tangled, locked up in ya stare
Way that ass moving, should brought some
havoc that you wreak on my mind
All the freakin' time

I don't know why you're silent 
But I fill in the blanks
And I don't want to lose you 
So I'll push
I'm taking whats mine 
It might be heartbreaking but a bunch of shit is already undertaking as I speak 
Oh shit 
I'll wreak havoc on your world leave
let's write in eraser
And when it's all done I'll be alright
I thought last time was the last time

Enough, enough, it's time to wreak havoc
I walk and hunt in vain, eternally roaming
Carrying every day the mark of my enemy
Living for one reason, to wreak my vengeance
Faithful to my anger,
I'll wait for you there, a fox waiting for a hare
But still you'll never see
I'm a walking talking snare, a living breathing bear
Ready to wreak hell
voice is fading It's growing rather dim 
And I start to awake with a fiendish grin 
It's time to wreak havoc in my insane way 
And start up a brand new
soulless corpse will wreak
Ill be up Oak Grove
And now this knife is going deep

I'm at the dance , you're feeling weak
This nights just begun now your
the creek
Most nights there's screaming and laughter
Havoc's what they most like to wreak

Bessie's been thinking of quitting school
She's sick of being
just let me pull down that zipper, so I can wreak havoc, I hit it til her knees turn weak, God damn, I gotta change my sheets, she ride the D, like I
the hate the shore and a filthy anecdote strewn beach 
So I seethe 
And I wreak 
Havoc on those I need 
And spit and writhe and rue the lack of time
""Shatter their fates""

A cold hard wind wreaks the plain
Each second past is one of our last
'Till the axe swings back again.
Without a sound
A Stone's Throw

As the life glow falters,
As the landscape darkens,
Where is your fame-ed
Love of the land.

Your wreak a blight upon the ground
To ratify
rectify the past 

Spellbound, sectarian fathers
Men of the cloth, thwarters of truth and pureness

Ponder with an unclouded heart
Wreak vengeance and havoc
Craig Adix Ya wreak havoc like road rages and bad traffic It gets drastic but these fantastic And attracting no more packin' Now we're fastin' has no more
To dusk and flesh ascend

The Sun descends, magenta spirits fill the skies
and wreak erotic maladies where sex and Death abide
From writhing tides where
the price again, to feed your vanity

The fascist face of the day
Contributes blood to the fray
And wreaks his devastation on humanity
He hears his own people
and aligning, shining, studies
In the light right now while we wreak fuckin' havoc!

Judgment night, got gun got badge
Judgment night, huh!
Judgment night,

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