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as decoy.
A warning to all saboteurs, 'be fooled and be dead'.

John disco, all hail the disco king.
Gaze in wonderment at his skanking ability, but don't
the representation of plus dedication I'm lacin up the boots
Happily out of the wonderment now
Massage a thought, never could be my style
Shoulda been bred they
gonna burn calling her name
I'm gonna burn calling her name
She's got a sweetness about her
That I can't explain
She's got a wonderment about her
Juggling wonderment with tear
Just trying to find some meaning

I love I hate
I live I die
For every single day
That passes me by
But for all the pain
to the line dancing, free on higher ground
Where I astound at all, the wonderment I see

Rationale betrays the human instinct
I'd rather trip on my
I've always known
Feelings of love, feelings of fantasy, feelings of the wonderment
Evoked by you & me...All these feelings are deep in my mind
I think
Advancing the responsible, of wonderment sensational
A single step to take, cultivated going strong
Keep it moving in forward motion, can we all
wonderment is so extreme
I have to rant, rave and scream

I suspect thee

Always the same thing
I watch you and him
Walk away

Tell me why
(It's everything you'll ever feel)

Wonderment, pride and pleasure
Is everything I feel when we're together
Safe way to be
It's everything you need,
of the throne rides shotgun 
riddles of the wonderment, wonders of the firmament 
and me laid up, laid off and laying low 
things could have been
Even in the holiest the curious can be found
Their wonderment is dangerous as virtue is but bound
Moral codes, broken
What's the sin that lurks

Tatsumaki Maru voyage north, ever north!
Cleave a path through the massing Arctic ice,
Agleam with all the colours of the aurora,
Far beyond
In wonderment of how you all have ruined your ecology
Yet you do not hear for I am to you only but nothingness
And I can't understand why I'm the only
To watch in wonderment as each day begins
They tell me you can hear this song

Anyone can light a candle
But not the way that you do
For if we look too
to you

My mouth is aware 
Kisses harden with my fresh despair 
My sick wonderment 
In love with you and your cruel torment 
Petals of my rose
To tear apart my soul
I find myself in wonderment
Looking to the stars

What did I do so wrong?
Was it me this time?
I thought that I was strong
Even in the holiest the curious can be found
Their wonderment is dangerous as virtue is but bound
Moral codes, broken
What's the sin that lurks
of earthly wonders stir the troubled universe 
The second Adam suffers to restore the fallen first

Hosanna Hosanna 
Breathless wonderment 
The perfect
Dilated, sophisticated mentally,
Part spectrum, part alive,
Don't give in to the wonderment
When you let go of all the lies.

The world is not

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