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A great void withholding, silence withdrawing, light has cleared our eyes
Darkness retreated, we've penetrated, time to collect the prize
cleaning up but I think we were mislead
Now your running all your friends away because you've been addicted
Hey Ted I see your back at it again
the name is said
It fills me up with dread
Because I know it's all in vain
Why can't I let out this scream
Can't scream cause it's withdrawing
Seems I can't
inside the bank nigga
I'm withdrawing what they make nigga
We not the same nigga
I make crank while they make mistakes nigga 
Mixtape drop I ain't playin
Hanging on my favourite song

Forgeting all my thoughts

Having fun without your arms

Living my own life

Angels flying around my head

see no peace

Said you rather sleep
Out in them streets
Then in this bed with me

I felt like a junkie
Withdrawing from your energy

Convinced myself
I've been so high
So high, I have touched the sky
And I keep falling
Falling, I'm withdrawing now

These modern days, they cut through my heart
the surroundings Mind and soul are critically affected
Rejecting reality, withdrawing into fantasy
The only place to gather strength
The only place where we are free
Conciliation breeds a fourth amendment funeral
With the paranoid seduced by circumstance
The sycophants withdrawing even further
This marathon is over now I am withdrawing
You say there is no future but I see one dawning
I gave too much of me when you were the strong one
Caught without people or drink I don't know what else to think
But I'm going to grow wings and sing,
"Amen, I'm checking out."
So withdrawing
and loving the scenes
Catch me in five when I’m up in the hills
Driving the 'rari, withdrawing the bills
Broke as a motherfucker right now, though
That’s why
all for naught
Peace with inclusion ain't looking to spread
Withdrawing instead

Lone wolf, lone wolf
Oh showered by debris
Lone wolf, lone
and the throne, the greed for more,
A withdrawing stutter, the oath that you swore. 

To live,
To survive,
Too less,
To feel pride
They're angry you made it
understand at all i set myself up for the
fall withdrawing deep into the hole this
isolated little cell leaves me cold and faded
i'm my one and only friend
rectally accept his prod,
Withdrawing his bloody penis now hard as a rock,
He takes a page of scripture and with it wipes his cock,
He quotes the Bible
Yeah I do it for fun
Me and me baby
Heart drunk
Hot mess
Real ones on the run
Bloody shoes like Cardi when I'm withdrawing the funds
I'm a bull in
kissed me on my mouth
And blessed me with the tempest of you
It's just another turn of the screw
Washing ashore and withdrawing again
I'm the sea I'm
and change what it meant
I feel like a burden to people i miss
In need of a doctor withdrawing you lately
I run from my dreams but I live in 'em daily
in a roof top
You want it to feel the same
But you know it's not the same
Now you wanna take a step back
Oh wow
Withdrawing feelings outside
tonight like I'm Phil Collins
I got the shakes like I'm withdrawing from pills often
And everywhere I go the sticks on me like I'm Sid Crosby
I got more
lost its cause
And I'm suffocating
So don't come looking for me
I've got no joy to lend
Protect myself like a fortress
Isolating, bridge withdrawing
your perversions
Got the thing that works on this
Chaos and confusions

I hear silence withdrawing away

Go all the way with your voice aflame
is you were difficult
you were difficult

hey, i been calling
hey, i been calling and hanging up cause
i'm tired and withdrawing
i'm tired and i'm

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