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Withdrawing with higher rates 
Some call me a fresh prince 
From the way I fill up banks 
All my life been Independent 
Optimistic future pending 
I done build
too, at the full, and round earth's shore
Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled
But now I only hear
Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar
Do that thing I like the best with your hand in mine and your head on my chest
I'll tell the truth withdrawing jest
Don't get loud and don't get
change I'll make a mill outta dime
And All I'll ever drop is a gem
You'll only catch Vee with a teller when Im withdrawing whats mine
Im in the bank 
withdrawing from heroin
And I would like the give a shout-out
To all the people, who now live in all the houses, that I have ever lived in

And we cry ooh ah
see no peace

Said you rather sleep
Out in them streets
Then in this bed with me

I felt like a junkie
Withdrawing from your energy

Convinced myself
the gold that you lost 
The diamond and the cost 
Man that ice looking frost 
Withdrawing from a boss
And I keep what I find
You reap what you sow 
And I'll
Young nigga came from the bottom, that mud in my cup that's that drank
Baby deposit my time, withdrawing your heart out the bank 
Got women all
I've been so high
So high, I have touched the sky
And I keep falling
Falling, I'm withdrawing now

These modern days, they cut through my heart
to the sugar rush of your candy love 
First it's sweet then it's sour I'm withdrawing by the hour 
I need that medication pussy keeps me medicated 
I don't think
see the visions shrouding me
Shrapnel cloak

Neuro-highways of the mind
Withdrawing me away from time
These falling scenes of these failing dreams
I'll be at the ATM 
Withdrawing change for my kids I'm so proud of them
If life was bout the shine then we winning baby
But life really a grind so let's
existence is (always) in desperate 
Crave to fill a whole 

We reinvent the tides of our past 
Withdrawing the act of our selfishness 
In fear we search for
existence is (Always) in desperate 
Crave to fill a whole 

We reinvent the tides of our past 
Withdrawing the act of our selfishness 
In fear we search for
I go drift in a fast foreign
They off so a nigga steady withdrawing
Cop a brick now make a flip now I made some
Walk in the store with

I'm love sick, and she the cure
Swear I'm medicated up when I be with her
I feel like I'm sleep walking it's all a blur
All I see is you, so baby
I'm on top of it 
Real bizarre in my youth 
Withdrawing from bad company 
Never did show love for me 
Now I see you the greatest this feeling is so
withdrawing a rack
I can tell a good day’s about to start
I'm so high
Livin another life since I came here I fly
Feel like I let all of my struggles behind me
One where I am not recording
My progress while I'm dissolving
I really need this time withdrawing

Now please stop assessing
Not everything must be
When you look at me what do you see
I see I see a tired burned soul that's too tied down to be alive

They're choking me
Withdrawing me
Point out
me ballin'
They don't wanna see me ballin'
They don’t wanna see me
They don't wanna see me
Yeeee yee
They don’t wanna see me ballin'
Got me withdrawing
the fuck up
Take a breath and listen 'cause I'm talking girl I never want to have a problem
Put that shit away 'cause I'm about to burn this shit
can not mend
Into a landscape infernal
How the fire scourges
The searing flesh withdrawing from my bones
You are a cruel lord
To punish nonbelievers
restart it
I ain’t curse on coldhearted
I made that for my daughters
I quit percs I’m withdrawing
Run up wrong I’ll withdraw it
I cant have mama mournin

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