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existence is (Always) in desperate 
Crave to fill a whole 

We reinvent the tides of our past 
Withdrawing the act of our selfishness 
In fear we search for
I go drift in a fast foreign
They off so a nigga steady withdrawing
Cop a brick now make a flip now I made some
Walk in the store with
got my
Don't got my
Don't got my

Psychotropic drugs they gave Me in jail induced nightmares
Now withdrawing from em' Makin' 'em night
At night fall, I'm withdrawing
Feening for love
I think I might have fallen so deep
Gone beyond the point of no return

Baby I got three words
And I don't
At night fall, I'm withdrawing
Feening for love
I think I might have fallen so deep
Gone beyond the point of no return

Baby I got three words
And I don't
Dirt and tar deposit
In my blood there's no withdrawing
Out from my guts no drip from the cuts
And I can't be saved so I wish em all good luck

joints up
Long than a ball bat
All facts
The safe had a lil small latch
That use to work 
Before i cleaned it out like a car vac
Withdrawing life savings
to finish him
High off your energy
Your smile my remedy
Now that you're gone
I'm withdrawing it's killing me
You lied about forever
Denying our chemistry
a tenner for a bitta change I'm after missing me bus
They got me stuck I'm impaled, withdrawing, fuck I'm in hell
Stuck in a cell, I need a fucking buck for
piece of me, a little peace of mind
I have these wrinkles on my skin,
I must be scaring myself out
I have these wrinkles on my skin,
I'm withdrawing from
Got a froze heart
Yeah hoping that it thaw quick
Play the wrong parts
Yeah im working my options
Yeah i'm poppin
Chill nigga get to lurking when I
theres no waiting
Pay me, no time for mating
Stars align, sun is fading
Withdrawing fake, I am Aching
I am an untapped potential
Questions all existential
three blue pills and they're so strong
I'm just withdrawing off Zoloft
Fell in love because we don't talk
Nails painted black to match the gold socks

I'm running from the noise
Withdrawing from the crowds
To hear your still small voice
In the secret place

I'm sitting at your feet
Pouring all my
recaptured through every blink of eye so
I maintain grounded the Earth astounding so where is my soul?
Most of our secrets withdrawing
Your cold shoulder
I'm itching and crawling
Shit myself withdrawing
Take benzos to cope
Blunt to the dome and a gun to the dome in my room all alone
How many times have I
the fuck up
Take a breath and listen 'cause I'm talking girl I never want to have a problem
Put that shit away 'cause I'm about to burn this shit
Teenage punk lyrics 
Time's withdrawing vastness
RIP die old 
Condom with no cum

Point a to point b
How'd you get lost on your day off
Condom with
can not mend
Into a landscape infernal
How the fire scourges
The searing flesh withdrawing from my bones
You are a cruel lord
To punish nonbelievers
deal with

You don't know who
To associate with
Your withdrawing
This is depression
Where am I
What do I present now
Who am I now
Cause your a changed
restart it
I ain’t curse on coldhearted
I made that for my daughters
I quit percs I’m withdrawing
Run up wrong I’ll withdraw it
I cant have mama mournin
Finesse for bands
Fly to Miami
To keep up her tan
Jump in the Rarri
She going fast
Straight to bank
Withdrawing them racks
Baddest in college
Top of her
bitches hating
Staying patrolling
North Pole
Strip Poling 
They want my baby
Santa withdrawing 
He make deposits
It's mandatory
He need a mistress
I need
in the past
While the clock’s turning
I’ve been calling but if we talking face to face
There’d be no withdrawing another delay
Another day, looking

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