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Whooping bitches ass like my name is Bruce Lee
My coupe too fast, bitch you tryna race me?
Diamonds dancing wet as fuck like a jet ski
Murder charge but I'm
It's been a whooping twelve years young blood, Young Blood
But I'm still a beast
Leave you on your knees
I'm a sage
Don't you push me to the edge
a killer don't push me, end up like a pussy
Put the ass whooping on repeat
Don't owe me nothin' it's free
I write it off on my taxes
The ass whooping
Yeah I'm the shit
Fuck it
If you look at me
Don't you fuck with me
Ain't no whooping me
I end up busting three
Your bitch wet
You try to oppose get your chin check
Get up and that ass whooping coming with interest
You know I got too much on me to give less

and im on it (Im on it yeah)
Im flexing on swag and aint stopping (Aint stopping yeah)
No shit i got bars and im whooping (Im whooping
since I made long way
Come from whooping niggas broad day
Now I'm making all these songs they gone get me on to broadway
Pistol got me walking sideways
Might say they love ya n they got ya ain't got they self
Blind leading the blind the whole world needs help
Give a whooping nowadays u gon need
fighting back being tough... instead of focused in class
Father whooping my ass for whooping ass
But I guess that's how it got to be only made it harder
I was getting money, these n****s say I'm different 
Now I got a stove water whooping in the kitchen
And I got a pole shooting shit like I'm addicted
rooting and recruiting
Nigga 6-8 whooping
I was in the hood shooting cause I had the wife whooping
I go from padres gold to oversized jars
I past up strife
lose whooping ass until you have no continues then I’ll cut you into twos with ginsus even if you still got potions to use man I never quit so I can’t
back at bat like Barry with that Cali flavor, 
Calibrate divine ass whooping’s for the agitators,
Add em to the list of those who gon have to count
stay looking a looking looking it 
Even tho you let her be good 
She wanna whooping whooping
No time to stall
Ripping tops off 
From the bottom of the trough 
Now we're huffing in the loft 
Till we get a whooping cough 
Ripping tops off 
wylin' out
F a punishment, I'd steady get whooping's
Instead I was whippin' out these digits, Whippin
And schwaggin all without me whippin

Swear a brutha
This band played at The Empty Bottle
About 280 people were at the show
The rock show was whooping it up
The rock show was burning a monkey's ass
jump and twitch)
A common cold will fool ya
And whooping coughs will cool ya
But poison ivy loves to make you itch

Your gonna need an ocean (gonna

No more mental whoopings,
Whips or chains
Cheating you was just a fad

Screaming beams of silence
Lying down on an empty floor
Did you miss out
and twitch)
A common cold will fool ya
And whooping coughs will cool ya
But poison ivy loves to make you itch

Your gonna need an ocean (gonna need
And who'd think in elementary?
Hey, I see the penitentiary, one day
And running from the police, that's right
Mama catch me, put a whooping to my backside
and twitch)And whooping coughs will
cool yaBut poison ivy loves to make you itchYour gonna
need an ocean (gonna need an ocean)Of calamine lotion
(oh, your gonna
Chicken Pox'll make you jump and twitch
Common cold'll fool you
Whooping cough'll cool you
Poison Ivy's love'll make you itch

Gonna need a notion
at the back door
With, "Boy thought I told you not to go outside"
Trying your best to bring the water to your eyes
Thinking it might stop her from whooping

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