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paramount Pan
Io Paradox Pan

Don't fight it, you'll only
Whirl up all mass hysteria
In your thousandfold self

We lost each other
We slide
and you pressed your lips to mine

You sent my head a spinnin just like a tilt-a-whirl
That's when I knew you were my kind of girl
You sent my head
on the Tilt-A-Whirl

I'll be your monkey, a puppy, your circus freak
Fell the first day, it took a whole week
Rollercoaster, can't we go back to the way things
to know if you'll be my girl
When you turned and walked away
Thats when I want to say
C'mon baby, give me a whirl
I want to know if you'll be my girl
And we need something to get away with
We get the shakes, shakes, 'til all is a blur
We get the shakes, shakes, our brains in a whirl
Every boy and girl is
to kiss
A tiny seductress in ringlets and pearls you reel
In madness as the whole world about you whirls

Like the tinkle of a small silver bell
What can I do you know what I've been through
It's just this world, it makes it hard for a guy and girl
But we could give it a whirl
So let's
and all
Nobility has left mankind
Turned into vultures, bewildered eyes

Shoved to the abyss, a twisting whirl
Under the blood red sky

[Chorus: x2]
hear me say
as the pavement whirls
"I hate California girls..."
How you've made my life a story 
Filled with whirls you've rearranged

So we meet again my heartache
Come and join me in my pain
You're the reason
You-you're driving me insane
But you know there's something wrong with my brain
My head is really in a whirl
You look just like a normal girl
Son of a frontier Indian Swirl
Dancing through the midnight whirl-pool, formless
Hope it can continue a little while longer
to get me some -- the top
But the wheel, it was junk and that carny, he was drunk
And they sent my baby flyin' across the parking lot

Tilt-A-Whirl ...
a whirl
But she's only fooling one girl
She's only fooling Tangerine!
To stop this whirl of a lie
To this earth we are bound
I ask you
Are we are we are we ourselves?
Are we ourselves, and do we really know?
Dream of a land my soul is from
I hear a hand stroke on a drum
Elegant boy, beautiful girl
Dancing for joy elegant whirl

Shades of delight,
Hey baby, don't you walk so fast
Hey baby, don't you walk so fast

The dream of another world
Haunted my head and sent me in a whirl
But honey, don't
thy thunders on their way
Yet lord thy messengers revere

In spreading billows foams the ocean
Spheres whirl around in endless motion
And cliff
I'll let all the fists clenched in me fall supine
I'll let all the eddies in me cease to whirl 
I'll let my damp, dark braid daily unfurl
I'll let
these roller coasters in my mind whirl by
Lines around the block just for one ride
Round and round and round, like I'm used to
Round and round
of my truck
In a perfect world
In a perfect world


In a perfect world
When boy meets girl
They spin and dance
Like a tilt-a-whirl
you're flippin'
Speaks Latin - that satin doll
She's nobody's fool so I'm playing it cool as can be
I'll give it a whirl but I ain't for no girl
You're an all right kind of a girl 
Good as it gets in my world
You can have the pictures in the magazines 
They don't give me a whirl 
I ain't
Chris Lee ships
And every speck of dust that whirls in the wind 
A devouring monster in embryo
Listen to them
The children of the night 
What music

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