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have been leakin'
I admit it babe
I admit
I was the first to weaken
But I love you oh so much
And it ain't no doubt
You know what I'm talking about
and choose one SON
In nineteen-ninety-sess, KRS is in his peak'n
You will weaken and collapse like Michael at the (?)
You talk more ish than a senator
to the broken hearts you collected

Ah, I gave you all of me [gave me all of you]
How was I to know you would weaken so easily
Ah, I don't what to do
I'm all
weakens me. 
Joyless under the falling sky, 
Your sky seems so much bluer. 
Buried in displeasure. 
I sink up through the sky rising into the grave in
If you peek in, Can't you see I'm goin' to weaken?
Ma, he wants to marry me,
Be my honey bee.
Ma, I'm meeting with resistance, 
I shall holler for
want to wake up after the night before, 
but do you ever get me? 

Do you ever get me? 
I'll press your hand against my face, 
weaken my resistance.
wandering eyes
Like a ship trying to fix on a beacon
I learned how to sigh
On the ribbon and wires
It's a habit that's so hard to weaken

No one will
I'ma keep countin', count me out, shawty
Never let a bitch Lil' Bow Wow me
Never finna weaken, raise my seat
Baby mama drama on the TMZ
Alimony money
last longer
Suckers weaken while I be gettin stronger
Master rhyme sayer off the top of my brain
Oppositions I'll eliminate, and that could be fatal pain
When the light fades on a long bad day, I sometimes weaken. Then I turn
To see you've been waiting for me, I know I'm not beaten. 'Cause you
Lift me
Such a long road
My souls so cold
Weaken all my bones
But I gotta work hard
Just to reach my goal
Such a long way to go
So many miles left
But I'm
and the screamin
A demon got us believing screamin rhymin for NO reason!
Every weekend we weaken, discipline is what we needin
But we too busy freakin to understand
latitude weakens my knees, Thompson Girl

Grunt work somewhere between dream and duty
Poking through with all them shoots of beauty

Thompson Girl
to know
You would weaken so easily
(I) I don't know what to do (I don't know what to do)
Now I'm all cried out (All cried out)
Over you

(I) I gave
Blaming fear in faith to weaken our own fate 
Starring eye to eye to see if we could fly 
While we feel so lonely 
While regretting knowledge

Uma cura
the key that fits his door
I know it's wrong to play in raging water but my weaken will possess me find the shore
Wanting you but never having you
His grip weakens, his squiggly lines go straight (go straight)
Call the doctor, "Give him all you got!
Shock him!" He goin' tell you it's too
don't you stay until the weekend?
It should clear up by then
As your resolve begins to weaken
We'll become such good friends

And you could stay
weaken the legs
buckle knees
In a fight

Oh I pray like the kids do in hell
A child and a master
Oh I know that I injured myself
Again and ever
you only to let pride and money weaken them

So be the young, the brave, the powerful
'Cause the world is standing waiting for someone to come
Now weaken when Prince Poetry commence speakin
Side by side I rock with the Pharoahe
Watch you decomposin MC's, and look there's only a shadow
Too late,
the first place. 
Ah  in the first place. 
Your feisty eyes won't make me fall apart. 
Your turquoise and silver won't weaken this old heart. 
a massive movement
Amusing, imagine Uber maneuver through life as losers
They weaken us all, so we can't even evolve
One day you're making a call
the brothers

These fuckers rap shit


Finish these cunts
They weaken our people

I have seen this already

Set them on fire

Go grab

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