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relieves me

I weaken now compared to nature
I am nothing, please bear with me

Upon this fertile planet
I stand in broad daylight
I am caressed

Ice cold, you sit in fear
Your body weakens inside
Lethal dose, invading you
You're running out of time
Blackest night closing in
Killed my heart again 
To myself I give this pill 

If I was myself 
I'd find strength to push away 
But I hurt myself 
And I weaken more each day
If you peek in, Can't you see I'm goin' to weaken?
Ma, he wants to marry me,
Be my honey bee.
Ma, I'm meeting with resistance, 
I shall holler for
Take me up from this world can't you see the hurting inside?
How you all him, to defile my person
Invite infelicity and this world it tries to weaken
Eternal sleep, I wonder if the Beast love us
The frail weaken, the stronger be in jail eating
The average male will make it home if the bail's decent
Weaken the wicked I'm whipping the weekend I'm sipping the wata (the wata)
Spilling and steaming and dreading the ending tonight is macaba (macaba)
Pain turns to absent feeling

Our grasp may weaken but our hearts won’t be still

Draw near, let us keep our minds,
Don’t let the dark
to arms
The ranks are broken, like insects they swarm
Their assets weaken and losses are great
Commandos march under a banner of hate

Bring the war to our
Before it hurts too much 
Let me keep my heart safe 
(Where) it's weaken about 
To fall into pieces 
I thought that we would win 
That you would
all away, and cut the fray that weakens the rope

They've been my escape and I've gotta break these habits now
I've been so vacant, trying to escape
on the flaking emblem of Solomon
A schism of confusion weaken the trinity
Foresee the death of the holy alliance
The withering corpse of Christ

Careful what you say
This time of year
Tends to weaken me
And have a little decency
And let me cry in peace
But there's a place where I
Don't lie tonight, oh
Your green eyes look wide

(Friends and more) we were partners in crime
Incredibly high
(Mine and yours) weaken words could be
"Take me down to the medic", you ask
And carry me close for to weave through the stacks
I can't see your pain 'til it weakens your heel
In this city so
a light that will never darken
The mind is an arrow, it's the sharpest tool in the quiver

Release the sensation, with a force that will never weaken
look back for you     

Why can't you see that your powers will weaken and fall?  
Oh! Why you seem to forget what you make us recall? 

I've seen

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